Mar 9

Jobs: English Instructor & Cultural Assistant at Sakura Educational Exchange (Maryland)

This job posting comes from the National Association of Japan-America Society employment connection page.

Sakura Educational Exchange USA, a nonprofit international student exchange organization in Rockville, Maryland is seeking an English instructor and a cultural assistant for its short-term English-language summer program for Japanese high school exchange students.  The program starts at the beginning of May.


  • Teach conversational English to groups of 14-16 Japanese high school students who are participating in a short-term (2 week) study abroad program
  • Follow set experiential, theme-based curriculum provided by SEE-USA
  • Enthusiastic, hands-on teaching style required!
  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree in Education, ESL or related field
  • Interest in working with high school age international students
  • Flexibility; Openness and sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Prior ESL teaching experience required


  • Help to set up SEE-USA temporary office at program site and prepare all rooms
  • Participate in orientation/training sessions before students arrive
  • Manage his/her assigned group of 10-15 Japanese High School students
  • Participate with the students in all study abroad activities including outings, school visits, sports, special events, volunteer projects, English/communication games, meals, etc.
  • Initiate conversations, songs and games in English with the students
  • Study and follow the schedule and assigned activities to your fullest ability
  • Contribute with an energetic spirit and outgoing attitude with a focused direction

HOW TO APPLY: Click here to read more detailed online descriptions, salary and start/end date information for the instructor and assistant positions.  Send your resume and cover letter to

Stephanie Libonati,

Program Manager
Sakura Educational Exchange USA

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