Jun 30

Dan’s Slice of Culture 06.30.12

By Japanese cultural blogger Dan Moeller (Hiroshima-ken, 2009-11). Through blogging, staying active with Philly JETAA, and being married to his wife, Dan tries to stay connected to the Japanese world. Check out this piece and more of his thoughts at American Accent.

Tomato juice may cure hangovers, or by saying so, make Kagome rich…

According to a recent study by Kagome and Asahi Group Holdings, drinking tomato juice will help you sober up faster (source). Apparently, the tomato juice helps to cleanse your liver by making it secrete more of the enzymes needed to break down alcohol.

The study included an experiment of people given about two shots of shochu (焼酎, a Japanese liquor similar to vodka). After the two shots of shochu, the control group was given a pint of water while the experimental group was given a pint of tomato juice. Those drinking the tomato juice sobered up an average of 50 minutes faster than those drinking water.

Kagome and Asahi agree that a tomato would most likely work the same way, although it was not studied.

This is great news considering Japan loses Read More

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