Jun 29

Some comic relief via Japanese game show

From Gail Cetnar Meadows, current Hiroshima-ken JET:

Per Steven’s request, I am re-posting a comment I made on Facebook about the weirdest TV show I’ve seen in Japan yet. Admittedly, I don’t watch a ton of TV here, and maybe this is par for the course in Japan, but this game show still struck me as so bizarre. It went like this:

There were a bunch of guys sitting in a KFC, and they have to order the top 10 most popular dishes at the restaurant. And if they are correct guessing the 10 dishes, they win 1,000,000 yen. But if they order a wrong thing, they have to eat everything they order. And then order again, and just keep trying til they get all 10. So they are sitting around for hours gorging on KFC. And one of the dudes sitting at the table is humongously fat and he’s dressed like a woman. (Why is there always a cross dressed guy on Japanese TV?) One of the guys ate so much he was trying not to barf on the table. And the show is doing close-ups of these KFC menu items like this is some sort of gourmet feast. Like the biggest commercial ever.

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