Jun 26

Heather Wilson Tomoyasu (ALT Ibaraki-ken, 2004-06), previously Manager of Public Relations at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, is now a newly established work-at-home mom – owner of Miny Moe (selling diaper & nursing pad samplers), “Expert Mom” for the app Mommy Nearest, and blogging in Brooklyn on her site US-Japan Fam.

No, He’s Not Adopted!: My husband is Japanese and I’m your standard run of the mill white American. As soon as we got pregnant, everyone was all “You are gonna have the cutest baby EVER!!!” which was fun to hear (a million times!) but how do you respond to that? “Thanks”? “I hope so”? We were riddled with a mixture of curiosity and anxiety over what our lil’ munchkin would look like… <CONTINUE>

Giveaway: Diapers, Nursing Pads, & Wipes!!: If you are expecting, have a little one at home, or have a friend’s baby shower coming up, I hope you’ll enter my giveaway this week! We’re offering 1 Miny Moe Newborn Diaper Sampler (5 diapers from each of 6 brands), 1 Miny Moe Disposable Nursing Pad Sampler (1 pair from each of 3 brands), and 1 Diono Travel Wipes.

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