Below is a list of JET alum artists and JET alums in the art world.  If you don’t see your name here and would like it to be included, e-mail jetwit [at] jetwit [dot] com with your prefecture and years, current location and any links to you or your work.


Bothwell, Ryan (Tokyo-to 1997-99) – Brookfield, IL

Ellis, Zandra (Nagasaki-ken, 2005-09) – Bronx, NY

Endo, Shun (Ibaraki-ken, 1998-2001)Seattle, Washington

Golan, Emily (Fukuoka-ken, 2004-06)

  • Curator

Hodges-Boos, Meredith (Ehime-ken, 2003-05) – Georgia

Huang, Lee-Sean (Oita-ken, 2003-06) – New York, NY

Lauer, Brooke (Niigata-ken 2004-07) – Greenville, SC

Lauer, Daniel (Niigata-ken 2005-2007) – Greenville, SC

Lukaszewski, Laurel (Kagoshima-ken, Tanegashima (skinny island south of Kyushu), Minamitane-cho, 1990-1992) – Washington, D.C.

Martinson, Lars (Prefecture, Years) – Minneapolis, MN (currently studying calligraphy in Tokushima-ken)

Mei, Zi (Prefecture, Years) – New York, NY

Mostow, Dawn (Gifu-ken, 2003-06) – New York, NY

Namisato, David (Aomori-ken, 2002-04) – Toronto, ON

Porter, Aaron (Kyoto-shi, 1998-2001) – New York, NY

Powell, Josh (Saitama-ken, 2005-07) – Seattle, WA

Prysten, Hugh (Shimane-ken, 2005-08) – New York, NY

Reichert, Chen (Prefecture, Years) – Philadelphia, PA

Roy, David (Prefecture, Years) – Tokyo, Japan

  • Animator, a VJ and a performance artist

Schlecht, Matt (Akita-ken, 1998-99) – New York, NY

Stringfield, Sarah (Prefecture, Years) – New York, NY

Tessler, Manya (Wakayama-ken, 1998-2000) – Brooklyn, NY

  • Jewelry –
  • Children’s book illustrations – Yuki’s Ride Home

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