Feb 2

JET alum Rob Cornilles loses election for Congressional seat in Oregon

We came close, but JET alum Rob Cornilles has lost the special election in Oregon’s 1st district to Suzanne Bonamici.  The election was necessary after previous Congressman Democrate David Wu had to resign last year due to allegations of sexual impropriety.  Cornilles also made a good showing but lost to Wu in the last election. Ganbatte Rob!

Nov 9

JET alum Rob Cornilles, a sports business consultant, has won the Republican primary for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the Portland-area district.  The primary was part of a special election being held in the wake of the resignation of David Wu (D-Oregon) who resigned earlier this year due to allegations of sexually inappropriate […]

Jul 28

JET alum Rob Cornilles considers second shot at Congress following David Wu resignation

This article in the Beaverton Valley Times about the David Wu sex scandal and resignation mentions JET alum Rob Cornilles as one of the Republicans who may run for the vacancy.  Rob lost to Wu in the last election with 42% of the vote. http://www.beavertonvalleytimes.com/news/story.php?story_id=131181238478965800

Aug 28

Notable JET alums: Rob Cornilles – U.S. Congressional candidate

JET alum Robert Cornilles won the Republican primary for Congress in Oregon’s 1st District and will be running against incumbent Democrat David Wu this November 2010. Rob is also the founder and CEO of Game Face, a successful sports marketing company with a client list that includes the Chicago Bulls, Miami Dolphins, Boston Celtics, New […]

Nov 3

No JETs in Congress this term – Seals, Cornilles both lose in close races

JET alumni Dan Seals (Democrat-Illinois) and Rob Cornilles (Republican-Oregon) both lost their bids for a Congressional seat.  Had either of them won, they would have been the first JET alums in the U.S. Congress. In Illinois’ 10th district, Robert Dold defeated Seals by a 51% to 49% margin, winning 103,274 votes to Seals’ 98,882 votes.  […]

Nov 9

JETwit Career Update 11.09.11

JETwit Career Update is a new feature where JETwit will list any JET alums who have recently (loosely interpreted) found a new job, gotten a promotion, started a new business, been elected to an office, started a new grad program or have any other career developments to share.  You probably see lots of job listings, so […]

Jul 26

Congressman to resign seat contested by JET alum

You may have seen the news about Congressman David Wu (D-Oregon) resigning amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.  You may not have realized, however, that a JET alum, Rob Cornilles, ran on the Republican ticket and lost to Wu in the last election. Stay tuned to see if Cornilles is able to vie for the […]

Nov 5

JET ROI: JET alum op-ed in Asahi Shimbun – The JET Program is a ‘triumph of soft power’

The below op-ed titled “POINT OF VIEW: The JET Program is a ‘triumph of soft power’” appeared in the November 5, 2010 edition of the Asahi Shimbun.  It was written by three JET alumni with expertise in Japan-U.S. policy and relations: James Gannon (Ehime-ken, 1992-94) – Executive Director of the Japan Center for International Exchange […]

Nov 2

JETwit Diary 11.02.10

JETwit Diary is a new feature by Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-94), founder and publisher of JETwit. It’s time to re-connect with JET alum readers. Sure, I connect with JET alums all the time.  At JETAANY events, meetings and conferences as well as in exchanges with numerous alums around the world via e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, the […]

Nov 1

By Tuesday night, we should know whether the U.S. Congress will have its first JET alum member.  Or possibly even members. Dan Seals is running as a Democrat in Illinois’ 10th district for the seat vacated by Mark Kirk (who is running for the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama).  And Seals led  Republican nominee […]

Jul 29

********* JET Return on Investment (ROI) is a category on JetWit intended to highlight the various economic, diplomatic and other benefits to Japan resulting from its investment in the JET Program.  Why is this important right now?  Because the JET Program and JET Alumni Association may be cut by the Japanese government, as explained in this […]

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