Sep 6

Nippon in New York: ‘Attack on Titan,’ Taylor Anderson Memorial, Luckyrice Fest

By JQ magazine editor Justin Tedaldi (CIR Kobe-shi, 2001-02) for Visit his Japanese culture page here for related stories. As the summer winds fade into fall colors, the weeks ahead are shaping up with these exciting events, ready to be enjoyed after Labor Day. This month’s highlights include: Tuesday, Sept. 8, 6:30 p.m. Japanese Design Today: Unique, Evolving, Borderless UL105, University Center, […]

Sep 15

JQ Magazine: Inside the JETAA New York Book Club

By Greg Anderson, (Fukuoka-ken, 1990-92) for JQ magazine. Greg is part of the fourth class of the JET Program, which began in 1987. He is currently employed as an auditor with the U.S. Treasury Department and is a new member of the JETAA New York Book Club. Gone are the amazing, fascinating, fast-paced days of life in Japan filled with […]

Jul 22

JQ Magazine: Book Review – ‘Monkey Business Volume 2’

By Greg Anderson, (Fukuoka-ken, 1990-1992) for JQ magazine. Greg is part of the fourth class of the JET Program, which began in 1987. He is currently employed as an auditor with the U.S. Treasury Department and is a new member of the JETAA New York book club. Monkey Business: New Writing from Japan is an […]

Apr 2

JETAA Chapter Beat for April 2017

Ryan Hata (Tottori-ken, 2014-Present) AJET National Council Director of Alumni Relations: Ryan is in his second year on the AJET National Council and first as the Director of Alumni Relations. He works alongside Rachel Brisson (AJET National Council Director of Alumni Resources ) and members of JETAA International (JETAA-I) to strengthen the relationship between former JETs, current JETs, and […]

Oct 21

    By Yeu-Li Huang (Yamanashi-ken, 2007-2010) for JQ magazine. Yeu-Li is the current chapter secretary of the JET Alumni Association of the Southeast (JETAASE). MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – The JET Alumni Association of Minnesota (JETAAMN) hosted this year’s USA National Conference from Sept. 26-29 with assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Council of […]

Mar 11

There’s so much going on in connection with 3/11 that it feels overwhelming to try and capture everything. Life has been busy with all of life’s things, and I realized that I was trying to put off thinking about 3/11 in some important ways. So I finally stopped myself and thought back to March 11, […]

Dec 9

By Filmore Ha (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08), a graduate of Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Filmore continues to live and work in the Greater Tokyo Area and is webmaster for JETAA Tokyo. UPDATE: Added an additional news item. Good evening from Saitama! I’d had several things circulate my way recently so here we are with another […]

Aug 8

**************** JQ SUMMER ISSUE OUT NOW! We Want You to Want It! JQ’s Summer 2009 Issue is Here!! SUMMER 2009 ISSUE – click image below to download PDF The leader of a band that’s sold over 20 million records and brought the words “At Budokan” to the big time, the new Japanese ambassador to New […]

Feb 12

The JetWit Business Model?

“What is the JetWit business model?” some of you may have wondered. Shoujiki ni itte, JetWit isn’t earning any income as of yet per se at the moment technically speaking (with the exception from a one-time paid ad placed by Interac). But that doesn’t mean that JetWit doesn’t want to, or can’t, earn any income.  […]

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