Aug 8
We Want You to Want It! JQ’s Summer 2009 Issue is Here!!

SUMMER 2009 ISSUE – click image below to download PDF

The leader of a band that’s sold over 20 million records and brought the words “At Budokan” to the big time, the new Japanese ambassador to New York, a tour of Philadelphia that’s uncannily Zen, and chats with award-winning writers, French pastry operations managers and even a maid-outfitted cosplay superstar complete with bunny ears. All this and more in the new summer issue of JETAANY’s JQ magazine.


To preserve our budget for alumni events, and in an effort to be greener and save paper, JETAANY will begin charging for print copies of JQ Magazine. The cost is $12 for 4 issues and you will only have the opportunity to sign up once a year – annual subscriptions will occur each fall.  Please note that the magazine, in its entirety, is also available online. If you would like to sign up to receive a paper copy by mail, please follow the PayPal link below (Add to Cart) or e-mail for more information. Remember you must put “JQ subscription” and your desired mailing address in the Paypal comments box.

Major domo to (from left) Steven Horowitz, Stacy Smith, Alexei Esikoff, Liz Wanic, Adren Hart, Justin Tedaldi, and (off camera) Joe Marucheck, Shree Kurlekar, Anson Mau and Seiko Kamiya for help stuffing and mailing the current issue.

Editor: Justin

Page 3…Letter From the Editor / Professional Outreach & Development Rep
Page 4…Nippon News Blotter
Page 5…Comings & Goings
Page 6…An Interview with Ambassador Shinichi Nishimiya by Anne Koller
Page 7…JET Alum Author Cristy Burne Wins Award by Gregory Anderson
Page 8…Philadelphia Loves Japan! by Therese Stephen
9…JETAA in the Big Apple and Beyond by Megan Miller
Page 10.Japan Day @ Central Park Recap by Stacy Smith
Page 10.JETlog featuring Yukari Sakamoto (Chiba-ken, 1989-1990)
Page 11.Nihonjin in NY – Featuring Beard Papa’s Masashi Wada by Janice Chow
Page 12.Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen: The JQ Interview by Justin Tedaldi
Page 13.U.S. FrontLine’s Ken Haraguchi on Japanese Newspapers by Junko Ishikawa
Page 14.JETAActivity Photos
Page 15.JET Farewell Reception at the Ambassador’s Residence
Page 16.Maid in America: Q&A with Cosplay Singer Reni by Adren Hart
Page 17.JETAANY Webmaster Lee-Sean Huang by Shree Kurlekar
Page 17.Understanding Japanese Women with David J. Radtke by Rick Ambrosio
Page 18.Theatre Review: Samurai Takamine Jokichi by Anne Koller
Page 19.Film Review: Tokyo! by David Kowalsky
Page 20.Book Corner: Sony: The Private Life by Lyle Sylvander
Page 21.KRAZY! Exhibition at Japan Society by Anton Phung
Page 22.Pop Rock: Q&A with Marshall Crenshaw by Justin Tedaldi
Page 23.Jy? Q! with JET Alum Poet James Shea by Liz Wanic

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