Mar 31

**************************** Very nice article on JET alum and former AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12) about his path from JET to becoming an agent of change for the Japanese English education system through is unique role with Osaka Prefecture’s Board of Education.  Matt is also the founder of the Kansai JET Alumni group.  FYI, you can also click […]

Feb 15

  By Eden Law (Fukushima-ken, 2010-11) for JQ Magazine. Eden is a member of JETAA NSW, based in Sydney, Australia, which is part of the thriving JETAA Oceania community that covers Australia and New Zealand. As a JET Programme success story, that of Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12)’s must surely rank as being one of the […]

Jun 7

Message from Outgoing AJET Chairman Matthew Cook

Originally posted to the AJET website on May 25, 2012: AJET Chairman, Matthew Cook: My Final Message as Chair CLICK HERE to read the full message on the AJET website. A few select quotes: “This year saw AJET re-branded to clearly show the world what AJET does: Connects people linked to the JET Programme; participants, ministries, […]

Oct 7

Return on JET-vestment: AJET Chair Matthew Cook on the recent 25th Anniversary JET Programme Symposium

***************** Originally posted to the AJET website by National AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka) who was an attendee of the 25th Anniversary JETProgramme Symposium, where, notably, JET alum Jim Gannon (Ehime-ken, 1992-94), Executive Director of the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE/USA), was invited to speak about the JET Programme and the JET Alumni Association. It’s been a […]

May 13

************** Very nice article on JET alum and former AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12) that recently appeared in the newspaper of Matt’s hometown, Danville, Virginia and describes his path from the JET Program to becoming a key player in Osaka’s pioneering English education reform efforts. Danville man appointed to Japanese board of education By DENICE THIBODEAU […]

Nov 17

JQ Magazine: JQ&A with Matthew Gillam, Senior Researcher at the Japan Local Government Center

By Adam Lobel (Nagano-ken, 2000-02) for JQ magazine. Last year, Adam returned to New York after 10 years in Japan, where he researched satoyama (traditional landscape of Japan) as a master’s student, and collaborated with Japanese policymakers in science and technology while working at a think tank. Adam currently helps manage his family’s business, a land use law firm […]

Mar 2

Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-Present) has been elected as National AJET Chair for the 2011-2012 JET year. Cook has been particularly focused on the challenges faced by the JET Program to its future existence. According to fellow Osaka JET Cailin Arena (2008-Present): “Matt has spent the past year completely re-defining Osaka AJET. He and the other […]

Jul 28

Japan Times: Osaka bets big on TOEFL to boost English levels

**************************** Interesting article about the Osaka Prefecture Board of Education’s English education initiative and further discussion of the “Super English Teachers” (SETs).  Former AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12) is not quoted but is very involved in the initiative.  Matt is also the founder of the Kansai JET Alumni group.  Osaka bets big on TOEFL to boost English levels […]

Apr 23

Former AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12) has been heavily involved in this cutting edge effort to improve Osaka’s English education system and is quoted in the article. Osaka embraces English Reformation BY TERU CLAVEL While Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto’s controversial political antics have increasingly drawn criticism, little attention has been paid to how his leadership […]

Sep 10

Welcome “Kansai JET Alumni”!

Thanks to former AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12) for sharing the good news.  Great to see the JET alumni community expanding! For more info about Kansai JET Alumni, see below: Website: Facebook Organization Page: Facebook Group Page: Twitter: LinkedIn Organization page: Linked in Group Page:

May 27

Former AJET Chair Announced as Senior Staff of Osaka Prefectural BoE’s New English Education Reform Team

Former AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12) has been announced as “Shusa” (“Senior Staff”) at the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education.  His role will be working with all levels of English Educational Affairs and working as a member of the new English Education Reform Team. Matt may be the first ever non-Japanese person to hold a […]

Aug 19

UPDATE: JETAA NY Career Panel: The State of ESL and Language Education in Japan and the US

****************** Update #1:  We’re pleased to announce the addition to the panel of Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12), former AJET Chair and now advisor to the Osaka Board of Education’s Native English Teacher (NET) Program. Update #2:  We are planning on webcasting the event through my YouTube channel (  Go to that link at 6:30 pm […]

Mar 11

There’s so much going on in connection with 3/11 that it feels overwhelming to try and capture everything. Life has been busy with all of life’s things, and I realized that I was trying to put off thinking about 3/11 in some important ways. So I finally stopped myself and thought back to March 11, […]

Aug 19

New JETs join AJET in record numbers

Via AJET: This year, the JET Programme welcomed over 1700 new participants to its July-August Orientations at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. AJET’s presence at these orientations resulted in an unprecedented amount of new JET memberships. We spoke with Matthew Cook, (2011-2012 Chair) about his views on the services that AJET provides. What […]

Aug 17

JET Programme 25th Anniversary Symposium to be held by Japanese government

******************** FYI, this is a big deal and something to pay attention to, especially in terms of the future of JET.  One of the speakers, notably, will be Jim Gannon (Ehime-ken, 1992-94), Executive Director of the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE/USA).  I believe AJET President Matthew Cook (Osaka, 2007-12) may also be in attendance. […]

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