Sep 5

Recent Updates from Andy Anderson

The Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund Continues to Contribute to Ishinomaki Here’s a quick update from Andy Anderson on the TAMF’s activities, made possible in part by the generous donations of the JET alumni: “The Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund had its second board meeting in Tokyo in early July and approved four new reading initiatives in […]

Sep 6

************ Thanks to JET alum Mark Flanagan for sharing this article: “Taking over a daughter’s dream to bridge Japan and U.S.” By HIROSHI ITO / Correspondent September 3, 2011 Andy Anderson never expected he would find himself trying to fill his daughter’s shoes by acting as a bridge between the United States and Japan. But […]

Oct 1

Thanks to Taylor’s father Andy Anderson for sharing the below update: Toho-Towa Company, LTD  (Godzilla, etc.) is promoting Taylor’s film throughout Japan with City halls, other NPO’s, Boards of Education, JETs, etc.   JETs are good candidates to organize screenings as part of their community relations work.  Towa has posted information about this at Part of […]

Mar 9

JQ Magazine: Film Review – ‘Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story’

  By Renay Loper (Iwate-ken, 2006-07) for JQ magazine. Renay is a freelance writer and associate program officer at the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. Visit her blog at Atlas in Her Hand. Directed by renowned filmmaker and founder of Global Film Network Regge Life, Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story is Life’s first documentary about a loss. Best known […]

Nov 16 – Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic From Richmond, VA’s NBC news affiliate (click link below to see news video): Taylor Anderson documentary draws thousands to Center Stage RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Thousands of people turned out to Richmond’s Center Stage theater Friday, to see the documentary of Taylor Anderson – a young teacher from […]

Jun 26

23 students from Taylor Anderson’s high school to visit Ishinomaki as part of Japanese government sponsored exchange program

Thanks to Andy Anderson for sharing the information about this exchange. Twenty-three students from Taylor Anderson’s high school, St. Catherine’s, will be visiting Japan, including Ishinomaki, as part of “The Kizuna Project.”  The Kizuna Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is sending around  1,000 American high school students to Japan this summer for a […]

May 13

JQ Magazine: JQ&A with Director Regge Life on ‘Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story’

  By Renay Loper (Iwate-ken, 2006-07) for JQ magazine. Renay is a freelance writer and associate program officer at the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. Visit her blog at Atlas in Her Hand. Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story is the latest work by filmmaker and Global Film Network founder Regge Life, who […]

Apr 30

Prime Minister Noda meets with Taylor Anderson’s parents

JapanToday has a “Picture of the Day” (plus explanation text) of Prime Minister Noda meeting with Jeanne and Andy Anderson, parents of Taylor Anderson.

Mar 29

Taylor Anderson honored at MLB opening day game in Tokyo

Major League Baseball honored Taylor Anderson and several other tsunami relief heroes at it’s opening day game between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s held in Tokyo on March 28. Taylor’s parents, Andy and Jean, were in attendance, and Andy threw out the first pitch. Here’s a really nice article from the Major League Baseball […]

Mar 22

Via the JETAA USA website: The Anderson Family, who has done so much to further Taylor’s vision of bridging the US and Japan, participated in a memorial service at Taylor’s alma mater, Randolph Macon College. The memorial was covered by both NHK World and the local CBS news station in Virginia. Ambassador Fujisaki was also […]

Feb 21

Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Lecture to be hosted by Randolph-Macon College on 3/11

Thanks to Andy Anderson for sharing the following: “Randolph-Macon College will host the Taylor Anderson/Japan Foundation Lecture, “Postscripts from Japan: Stories that Endure After the Earthquake and Tsunami,” on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. in Blackwell Auditorium, R-MC Center for the Performing Arts. This lecture will commemorate the one year anniversary of the Great […]

Dec 16

Grant made in honor of Taylor Anderson to strengthen Japan Studies at Randolph Macon College

************ R-MC RECEIVES GRANT IN HONOR OF TAYLOR ANDERSON ’08 Randolph-Macon College has received a grant from The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) to strengthen Japanese Studies, a part of the college’s Asian Studies program, in memory of R-MC alumna Taylor Anderson ’08. Anderson perished during the March 2011 earthquake & tsunami that […]

Nov 23

***************** Miyagi AJET has launched a Micro Grant Program in honor of Taylor Anderson intended to “empower JETs with financial support in their efforts to fulfill the goals of the JET Programme in and outside of school.”  Read below for full details: To all Miyagi/Sendai JETs: Employed directly through Boards of Education and embedded in communities, we […]

Sep 26

************ Thanks to Andy Anderson, father of Taylor Anderson, for sharing this information: NHK coverage:  “Bereaved Parents Bond” – (Though my computer is telling me “Missing Plug-in” which is preventing me from watching the video.  If you get it to work on your computer, please share any helpful comments.) Translations of various Japanese newspaper articles, […]

Sep 7

From the Kahoku Online Network: 震災で犠牲の米国人ALT 志文庫に託す 遺族が絵本寄贈 東日本大震災で亡くなった宮城県石巻市の女性外国語指導助手(ALT)テイラー・アンダーソンさん=当時(24)、米国出身=の遺族が6日、アンダーソンさんが子ども時代に読んだ本を「テイラー文庫」として市内の小中学校などに寄贈した。 同市万石浦小で行われた贈呈式には、震災当日に授業を受けた6年生(当時5年生)64人が出席。父親のアンディさん(53)が「本を読んで、夢を持って生きてくれたら幸せです」とあいさつした。授業を受けた阿部萌香さん(12)は「先生は優しかった。本は大切に読みたい」と話した。 寄贈されたのは、アンディさんらが新たに購入した英語の児童文学や絵本など約40冊。東松島市の仮設住宅で暮らす地元の木工作家遠藤伸一さん(42)が製作した本棚に収められている。 遠藤さんは子ども3人を津波で失い、長男と次女の2人が同市渡波小でアンダーソンさんの指導を受けていた。 遠藤さんは「明るく、元気なアンダーソンさんをイメージして作った。この仕事を機に、自分も前を向いて生きていこうと思った」と話した。 アンダーソンさんは2008年に来日し、石巻市では万石浦小のほか、市内の幼稚園1カ所と小中学校計5校で英語を指導。「テイラー文庫」はこれらの幼稚園、小中学校にも寄贈される。 アンダーソンさんは震災当日、万石浦小から近くの万石浦中に児童を避難させた後、自転車で帰宅する途中に津波にのまれたとみられている。 2011年09月07日水曜日 And here’s a very rough summary in English: “American ALT, lost in the disaster, is memorialized in a library; Family donates picture books” The reading corner / library contains copies of books that Taylor read growing up. The dedication ceremony […]

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