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Job: Boarding Assistant – Keio Academy of New York (Purchase, NY, USA)

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Position: Boarding Assistant (Boy’s Residence Hall)
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Keio Academy of New York
Location: Purchase, NY, USA
Contract: Full Time

Thanks to Keio Academy of New York for passing along the following job opening.

Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) or equivalent from four-year College or University. Resident supervisor, camp counselor or teaching experience is a plus. CPR, First Aid is preferred. The school provides an opportunity to obtain certificates after employment. A driver’s license is strongly preferred.

Student Life support
o   Ensure to provide the save environment for the Residence Hall.
o   Ensure that students follow daily schedule and the Residence Hall policies set by the school.
o   Provide support and supervision for students during non-academic hours. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, manning the dormitory offices to handle requests and questions from students, supervising house sports practice/club activities/library hours/evening study hours/dining hall, and coordinating with nurse to care for sick students.

o   Be available to students, as necessary, to support their personal, educational and academic needs.
o   Review and confirm multiple forms submitted by parents and students.
o   Answer questions and concerns from parents. Back-up Head of House when they are off-duty.
o   Direct questions/concerns to the right contact.
o   Provide 1-2 independent living skill (ILS) classes as per week as part of Academic Extension Program.
o   Plan and carry out various fun events for students (ex. House parties, games, shopping tours, etc) both on and off-campus. Prepare snacks and food for special events.
o   In case of emergencies during evening and nighttime hours, chaperone sick/injured students to ER as needed.
o   Pick up mail and packages for students from a storage room or the Administration Office.
o   Ensure all students evacuate safely from the Resident Halls during fire drills and/or emergencies.
o   Other duties to be assigned by Head of House or Dean of Boarding

 Supervision and pastoral care:
o   Provide supervision and pastoral care for students through boarding life during non-academic hours in principle, e.g. ensuring the safety and security of students, monitoring students ‘ behavior and dealing with disciplinary issues.
o   Plan, execute and chaperon various events on campus and outside the campus.
o   Support students’ social, intellectual, and behavioral development by providing pastoral care as loco parentis ( e.g. developing awareness of health and living skills, checking health conditions, dispensing instructed medications, accompanying students to be hospital, dealing with emergency situations, and liaising with parents and outside support)
o   Participate in Pre-Entry and Early Return programs in late August.

Support for academic activities:
o   In principle, teach 1-2 ILS classes per week in the Academic Extension Program or other programs according to the School’s needs.

Support for extra-curricular or sports activities:
o   Assist with non-boarding extra-curricular activities as reasonably required by the related Dean in Consultation with the Dean of Boarding.

 School duties:
o   Participate in committees as assigned by the School.
o   Assume School roles as assigned by the School such as fire Marshall, advisor or officer for boarding, or student activities.

Other duties as assigned:
o   If Boarding Assistant is suitably qualified and asked by Chairs of Department to teach some classes of the core Curriculum, Boarding Assistant will be remunerated $30 per class session.
o   Maintain high ethical standards in the work place.
o   Maintain good communication with students, parents, resident staff, faculty and outside contacts.

This job description provides a general summary of the responsibilities and assignments of Boarding Assistant. It is not intended to be wholly definitive; in this respect, Boarding Assistant will be expect to undertake any other related tasks as may reasonably be requested by the School.


Work Environment:Student Dormitory, office, classroom, cafeteria, gym, field, mail room 
Noise Levels:Moderate noise (excluding fire alarms during fire drills)

Starting Salary from : DOE
High-quality low-employee-cost medical, dental and vision plans (after 30 day)
403(b) Supplemental Retirement Annuity (pre-tax contribution after 30 day)
403(b) 3% contribution with 7 % matching and100% vested (after 2 years of service)
Medical FSA and Dependent care FSA (pre-tax cafeteria plan after 30 day)
Group Life/AD&D/LTD/STD at no cost to employee (after 30 day)
Winter and summer break
Generous parental leave (10 weeks salary guarantee)
Child Support Allowance: $1000 per year per child under 18 years old
2 hour reduction of FT work hours for baby care up to 1 year old
Tuition Support: $3000 per year up to 3 years (after 1 year of service)
Free delicious and nutritious cafeteria lunch with a touch of Japanese cuisine (While school is in session)

o   General office equipment including phones, fax, copier, scanner, postage machine, phone system, personal computer, etc
o   Software includes the use of Windows operating system, MS Office, Google Workspace and Zoom.
o   KANYOS (Keio Academy of New York’s Online Intranet)

·        Cover letter
·        Resume
·        Application for employment form.  

APPLICATION PROCESS: For more information and to apply, please click here – https://www.keio.edu/about-us/employment-opportunities.

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