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Job: Part-time Content and Trip Itinerary Writer – Art Travel LLC (Remote)

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Position: Part-time Content and Trip Itinerary Writer
Posted by:
Art Travel LLC
Location: Remote
Contract: Part Time

Thanks to Anne Alene (Tottori-ken, 1990-1993) (Kerry Clark is posting on her behalf; Tottori-ken, 2003-2005) for passing along the following job opening.

Our travel company, Art Travel (, was founded in 2011 and is a leader in planning, arranging, and leading highly customized Japan travel programs.

Founder Anne Alene is a JET Alumna (CIR Tottori 90-93). She is looking for someone who loves Japan and is enthusiastic and dedicated to helping her create, organize, and deliver customized documents for Foreign Independent Travel (FIT) clients, specialized tour groups, and pre-and post-tour group FIT clients.

Art Travel has two types of clients:

  1. Foreign Independent Travel (FIT) clients consist of individuals, couples, families, and small groups who want to travel independently to Japan based on a customized itinerary designed by Art Travel.
  2. Museum institution and art world clients consisting of art dealers, museum directors, curators, and development staff who want to create a unique travel program to Japan (and other destinations like South Korea and Italy) with their loyal patrons, benefactors, and trustees designed and executed by Art Travel.

Job description:

  • Work with the founder to draft itinerary proposals and edit existing templates.
  • Review itinerary documents created based on client meetings related to their travel plans.
  • Communicate in Japanese and English with collaborating DMC and related vendors in Japan to confirm itinerary arrangements (hotels, transport/transfers, guides, extraordinary experiences/reservations, restaurant reservations when requested)
  • Customize bibliography, pre-departure, arrival information, in-country information, and restaurant recommendations for the clients.
  • Write and tailor detailed final travel itineraries using previous trips as references and templates, working with the founder based on her itinerary consultation and initiating necessary research.
  • Help the founder draft and research proposals for future clients.
  • Work is requested per tour / FIT client according to priority/travel departure date.


  • Ability to work efficiently with MS Office, Adobe, and Cloud platforms, e.g. Google Docs and DropBox.
  • Work with Chat and SNS platforms e.g. Google Docs, WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Good research skills and willingness to learn and understand this particular niche of the Japanese travel service model.
  • Fluency in English is essential since most writing and editing is done in English.
  • Strong Japanese language skills are necessary for texting and emailing in Japanese. If your native language is Japanese, this is an excellent opportunity to improve your English writing skills or the reverse.
  • Having a strong interest or specialization in the travel industry and Japan is helpful as our company aims to help our clients have a highly educational and customized experience of Japan’s people, art, culture, and society.
  • Experience in the hospitality or service industry and anticipating customers’ needs are essential.

Future Opportunities:

  • The work could also include proposals, promotional, and website content.
  • If you like the content and are interested in expanding the role, this could lead to ongoing work with our company.
  • If you live in Japan, the opportunity could also lead to working with us as a part of our ground team in Japan.

Pay is $35/hour, and hours will vary by season; on average, 10 – 20 hours per week.

If you applied to this role previously and are still interested, reapplications are welcome.

Application Process: Interested candidates can send a CV and email introduction to Kerry Clark at (On behalf of Anne Alene, business founder and owner)

Kerry Clark was a CIR in Tottori-ken (2003 – 2005) and has worked with Anne and the Art Travel team in this role since 2022. Below is a short testimony: “This role has been dynamic, rewarding, and thoroughly enjoyable! It’s a great opportunity to work in the travel industry, gain insights into the art world, and be part of a female-owned, small business environment.”

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