Oct 24

Job: Interpreter/Translator – CSI Group (Greensboro, NC and Lexington, KY, USA)

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Position: Local Staff – Political & General Affairs Division
Posted by: Consulate General of Japan in New York
Location: Greensboro, NC and Lexington, KY, USA
Contract: Full-Time

Thanks to Roy Harrison (Saitama-ken, 2004-2007) for passing along the following job opening.

You’ll provide daily communication/interpretation support to engineers at a
leading automotive manufacturing facility during visits from Japan for equipment installation. You’ll assist with the translation of written and verbal correspondence to facilitate achieving project goals. You’ll be the conduit connecting US engineering teams to their Japanese counterparts. This project will provide you with professional opportunities to fine-tune your skills across several areas, including:

  • Learning automotive-specific terms
  • Managing in-person small and large group interpretation projects in an industrial setting
  • Managing teleconference interpretation projects between engineers based across the US and Japan.
  • Translating emails, memos, manuals, training, budgets, specification packages, and other automotive manufacturing-related documents

Application Process: To apply, please email rharrison@csi-ky.com

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