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Job: Sales/Business Developer – Quick USA (New Jersey, USA)

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Position: Sales/Business Developer
Posted by: Quick USA
Location: New Jersey, USA
Contract: Full-Time

Thanks to Quick USA for passing along the following job opening.


  • Sourcing
    • Performs research on new suppliers.
    • Develops and proposes new sourcing strategies.
    • Communicates and negotiates with suppliers for prices and terms of contracts.
    • Checks goods qualities/conditions by checking samples and/or by visiting suppliers.
  • Business Development
    • Maintains relationship with existing and prospective customers. Performs sales promotions to existing and prospective customers.
    • Negotiates with customers/prospective customers for products sales.
    • Develops sales contract.
    • Communicates with Inside sales/Operation Associates for executed sales activities.
    • Communicates with customers or other related parties to resolve product sales issues as needed.
    • Collects account receivables
    • Manages customer’s credit line.
  • Marketing/Supporting
    • Develops relationship with new suppliers and customers in North and South America.
    • Develops relationship with new battery manufactures in North and South America.
    • Performs market researches including customers, competitors, suppliers information and prospecting for investments
    • Reviews and analyzes information from end users to seek their price ranges, needs and specification requirements.
    • Plans and attend related industry’s trade show.
    • Assists Operation Associates and other members for their sales and marketing activities as needed.
    • Checks and approves documents including contracts developed by sales assistant.
    • Checks and approves shipping and delivery order, grasps the status of the inventory.
    • Submits monthly or weekly sales reports to supervisor.
    • Performs quantitative analysis such as calculating net cost and simulating price terms.
  • Other & Miscellaneous
    • Seeks constant improvement, more efficient and less expensive ways and means in work processes.
    • Performs special projects and other miscellaneous duties as assigned by manager and other senior management.
    • Maintains high ethical standards in the work place.
    • Reports all irregular issues and problems to management and works to resolve those issues.
    • Maintains good communication with other staff & outside contacts.
    • Complies with all company policies and procedures.
    • Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe working area.
    • Submit expense reports in timely and correct manner.

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