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Job: Assistant Manager – DMC aizu (Fukushima, Japan)

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Position: Assistant Manager
Posted by:
DMC aizu 
Location: Fukushima, Japan
Contract: Full-time

Here’s a job passed along to us:

DMC aizu is a resort operation company having multiple ski resort places in Fukushima Prefecture.

Before, the company had enjoyed receiving many foreign visitors mostly from the Oceania region, but the pandemic kept them from visiting Japan for the past two years.

Now that the waves of new cases seem to be under control and Japanese border control is being eased, the company expects a full recovery of skiing visitors from Australia and New Zealand in a not-too-distant future.

Now, the company would like to hire one person from the region as an assistant manager to not only take care of non-Japanese skiing instructors but also to promote the resort company to Australia and New Zealand.

Hiring Conditions

  • Position: Assistant manager
  • Work hours: from 8:00 through 17:00 (there are shifts in the peak skiing season.)
  • Compensation: Annual income ranges from 5,000,000 yen to 7,000,000 yen depending on the skills and experiences.
  • Allowance: Commuting expense is covered. Social insurance is covered.
  • Holidays: 105 days based on the company’s business calendar
  • Dormitory: Company dormitory is available if so requested.

Job Description

  • Promote skiing instructors’ job openings in the Oceania region
  • Help the company interview and employ such foreign skiing instructors
  • Support such foreign instructors’ cross-cultural communication and manage their work at the company
  • Promote the resort places both domestically and internationally
  • Explore new and innovative services for resort guests
  • Support Japanese staff’s acquiring globalization mind and communication with foreign guests and staff

Required Skills

  • Marketing/sales experiences
  • Some experiences in human resources management
  • Some experiences in leading a team
  • Japanese language ability N2 or superior
  • English: Native
  • Some digital marketing skills
  • Driver’s license


Bachelor’s or master’s degree is required.

Application Process: If you are interested in applying for this job opening, please email to the below with your biography and job history both in Japanese and English: N. Yoneyama, President of Nisshin Global Corporation ( We will review your CV and job history both in Japanese and English, and get back to you for a first online interview by zoom. We look forward to hearing from you!

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