Feb 15

Post JET-career talk: Using your JET experience of bridging cultures in a global career (Japanese)

JETプログラム後のキャリア形成:JETで培った異文化を橋渡しする能力とグローバルなキャリアとは (日本語)



Register: https://usjetaa.wildapricot.org/event-4654031

Event description:


In Japanese, panelists will share their personal stories of continuing with a Japan-related career after JET and time in Japan, their perspectives of Japan business developments abroad, and how the experience of studying Japanese, working and living in Japan has enabled them to contribute to relations between Japan and their home countries. As the first USJETAA event to be in Japanese only, this panel aims to inspire current JET participants and JET alumni about how they can leverage their JET experience and language capabilities while contributing to closer collaboration between Japan and overseas.

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