Dec 1

Volunteer Opportunity: New JETwit Podcast Seeks Producers/Designers

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Hi everyone! JETwit is planning to launch a podcast, and we need some people who either have experience creating/producing/editing/designing podcasts or don’t have experience but want to learn or figure it out. 

Our goal is to create a platform where multiple JET alums can produce JET-relevant (broadly defined) podcast content and have a way to get it produced, edited, distributed, etc. with editing being probably the most important need at this point. 

Note: To find current JET-relevant podcasts, follow the JETAA Podcast Beat on JETwit curated by Emalee Manes (Toyama-ken, 2016-19) who also has her own delightful podcast, よっぱれい英会話 English Nomikai Podcast

Unfortunately, we can’t pay anything at this point, though we recognize this is a skill that is in demand. It’s conceivable that we get a little funding down the road, but go on the assumption that we won’t and then you’ll be pleasantly surprised if we do.

Application Process: If you’re interested, just add your name and contact info to this JETwit Podcast Google Form and we’ll be in touch soon.

Questions? Feel free to ask in the Google Form in the comments section at the end. Yoroshiku and gambarimashou!

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