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Job: ESL Teacher – Eszette Business Language Services (Washington D.C., USA)

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Position: ESL Teacher
Posted by:
Eszette Business Language Services
Location: Washington D.C., USA
Contract: Part-Time

Thanks to JET alumna, Tia Braham (Nara-ken, 2014-2017) for passing along the following job opening with her company:

Eszett  Business Language Services is a language school that operates in about 60 countries teaching languages and providing other related services.

Our teachers work as freelancers for us and when we have a suitable program we contact you with the details and if interested, you would let us know your availability.

The program we have in Washington currently is outlined below:

  • Program number: 15620 RE
  • Training type: Face-to-Face – One-to-one
  • Number of hours authorised: 65
  • Target language: English
  • Current level in target language: B1+ (Intermediate)
  • Other languages spoken: Polish
  • Language goals: B2
  • Originally from: Poland
  • Lessons per week: 3x
  • Lesson duration: 120 mins
  • Preferred schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 10am
  • Preferred start date: ASAP
  • Lessons location: Maine Avenue SW, Washington DC 20024, Washington DC
  • Rate F2F: 30 USD per hour (60 minutes)

Application Process: To apply for the position, the requirement is at least 2 years’ experience teaching ESL. Additionally, qualifications can include a Bachelor’s degree or a teaching certificate. TESOL/TEFL/CELTA etc are also acceptable. Email a cover letter and CV to Tia Braham at <>.

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