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Job: English Tutor – Topic Time English (Online)

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Position: English Tutor
Posted by:
Topic Time English
Location: Online
Contract: Part-Time

Here’s a part-time job received directly from Scarlett Moulder and Topic Time English:

We Love JETS!! We are an America based company hiring around 15 more online tutors for Japanese students.

10 years ago, one of my very first teachers was with the JET Program and found it invaluable to work here in a small way to prepare for what was coming in Japan. This job might also be very helpful for JET Alumni re-acclimating themselves to their home country. Or like me, an older woman who looks back affectionately on my time in Japan and sees my conversations as a way to re-connect with the culture I know and appreciate so well.  

I am not a mass hiring company nor do I believe in micromanaging teachers. My tutors make their own schedule of when they would like to give classes.  At Topic Time English, the student chooses which teacher they would like to have teach them. This makes it difficult for me to predict if a new teacher will be popular or not but I have a vested interested in seeing you do your best and will help you as much as I can! 

This job starts at $13 per 55 minute class completed and $6.50 per 25 minute class completed.  <— This has upward wiggle room after a little time has passed.  We pay through PayPal on a weekly basis.  

Application Process:  https://www.topic-time.jp/beatutor.php

Our teaching philosophy: https://www.topic-time.jp/philosophy.php

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