Aug 24

JETwit’s JET Alum Movers & Shakers: Gregory Beck, Hiroshima-ken, 2006-2011

JETwit’s JET Alum Movers & Shakers is produced by Ryan Hata (Tottori-ken, 2014-2017), Margie Banin (Kochi-ken, 2005-2007), and Jim Walsh (Fukushima-ken, 2018-2020). Want to be featured next? Submit your information here.

Gregory Beck, Hiroshima-ken, 2006-2011

New saké education and consulting website and business.

More Information:
While on JET, most of us gained some secondary expertise on Japanese alcohol, but few would argue they were as diligent in this area as Greg. After drinking hundreds of saké at Hiroshima’s annual Saké Matsuri and eventually returning to the restaurant industry, Greg became a saké and shochu specialist at Mutual Trading Company, a certified Saké Sommelier, and Saké Program manager and consultant at various Izakaya around Los Angeles County. Greg has recently settled in Long Beach and founded, an online resource, blog, and consultation business, with a focus on food pairings, using Saké to elevate any culinary experience, and hopes to have a brick-and-mortar retail location by as early as next year.

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