Apr 27

Contest: Design your dream Shikoku trip!

Thanks to Tori Koyama (ALT Tokushima-ken, 2011-13, CIR Kagawa-ken, 2013-Present) for sharing this opportunity:

Want to travel Shikoku?

The Shikoku Transport and Tourism Bureau is sponsoring up to 20 foreign nationals who currently reside in Japan to design a tour of their choice, and use social media and online outlets to promote themselves and Shikoku; those that reach the widest audience could receive a cash prize! This is an excellent chance for budding travel-bloggers to get funding and explore Shikoku while honing writing skills.

The deadline is May 18 to apply; there will be a mandatory meeting on Saturday, May 24, in Takamatsu to kick things off. Any foreign national living in Japan is welcome to apply; limited Japanese ability is not a problem.

If you have any questions before applying, feel free to contact Tori Koyama (Tokushima 2011-13) at dt0102@pref.kagawa.lg.jp .

Specifics about the application can be found by clicking HERE.募集チラシラフ11_追記有り


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