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Job: Bilingual Jr. Office Manager — ISIC International Student Identity Card (Tokyo)

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Position: Bilingual Jr. Office Manager
Posted by: ISIC (International Student Identity Card)
Location: Ikebukuro/Shinjuku, Tokyo
Status: Full-Time

ISIC Japan, the Japanese representative organisation of the International Student Identity Card Association, is looking for a dedicated, pragmatic and motivated bilingual junior Office Manager with main objective to administer, facilitate and support the distribution and discount partners of the ISICcard in Japan.

The position provides a unique opportunity for an ambitious graduate or young professional to quickly gain experience in a fast-moving business environment, working for an organisation that cares about the student community. His/her role involves a wide range of business areas -from customer support to distribution, from e-commerce to marketing and from account management to strategy, dealing with an interesting mix of business partners including government institutions, commercial companies, universities and non-profit organisations. The business culture is transparent, progressive, pragmatic and international yet with a focus on the Japanese market. The expected rapid growth of the organisation opens the door for an interesting career and professional growth, within ISIC Japan.

Job Description

The Office Manager plays an important and central role in the day-to-day operations of ISIC Japan, taking responsibility for a wide range of tasks and support services. He/she will play a supporting role in the further development and streamlining of ISIC distribution in Japan, and in the rollout of newly negotiated student services and discounts for ISIC holders.

He/she will be working closely with the charismatic Managing Director (Dutch national) who previously managed the ISIC Association’s central administration office in Amsterdam for nearly 10 years. In his previous role, the MD has visited countless ISIC representative organisations in countries across the globe and as such gained an excellent understanding of successful ISIC development projects and strategies. The aim is now to use this expertise and knowledge here in Japan, working with universities, commercial organisations, government institutions and of course students. The office manager will frequently join the ISIC Japan Managing Director to attend important meetings in the context of a specific project and/or for translation purposes.

Main Responsibilities and Tasks

-Coordination and administration of card ­production and card distribution

-Answering and/or transferring phone calls and-info emails ­

-Customer support towards distribution partners

-Account management and administration of-national and local discount partnerships

-Administration and printing of ISIC cards that are ordered via the ISIC Japan online application ­channel

-Translation English -> Japanese of business ­emails and other documents if and when ­required by the ISIC Japan Managing Director Translation Japanese -English during meetings and events Stock administration and card ordering Processing of online applications and card issuing Administration of invoices (incoming and outgoing) in cooperation with the accounting department Administration and production of communication materials Website management Periodic courtesy visits to ISIC issuing points(universities, bookstores, travel agencies)

The job requires an intuitive, service-oriented, pragmatic and goals-driven candidate to successfully carry out the operational tasks and priorities. It demands a strong focus, ability to multitask, planning, implementation and relationship management capacities in order to ensure a flawless and efficient card distribution process, smooth discount management, and high level customer support.


-Preferably 1-2 years experience (Recent graduates will also be considered)

-University degree, preferably in the areas of(business) management, international business

-Japanese native (able to write proper business letters), fluent English (spoken and written)

-Working or studying experience in the USA/Canada, Europe, Australia or New Zealand of at least 6 months is a requirement

-Excellent customer support skills and eye for detail

-Excellent skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

-Affinity with IT and technology in general

-Good organizational skills, ability to work under pressure and prioritize jobs and tasks

-Ability to work individually -Self-motivator

The Offer

ISIC Japan offers an attractive annual salary of up to ¥ 4,000,000 per annum, depending on background and experience – including incentives. The working week is 40 hours, from Monday to Friday.

Contact:  info@isicjapan.jp

About the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted proof of student status and gives access to targeted student benefits and discounts, at home and abroad, at more than 125,000 locations across 133 countries.

Introduced in 1953, the ISIC card historically provides students with access to exclusive discounts on travel opportunities. ISIC cardholders can explore the world and discover new countries, cultures and languages at significantly reduced rates. Today, the portfolio of services goes far beyond travel alone: ISIC cardholders gain preferential access to over 42,000 products, services or experiences in every stage and area of student life. Benefits extend anywhere from entertainment, software and travel to food, museums, educational courses and sports activities.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have endorsed the ISIC card since 1968, which was also the year that cards were first introduced to Japanese students. The ISIC card enjoys wide spread support and recognition among universities, academic institutions, student unions, national governments, financial institutions and ministries of education around the world. Short documentary about the ISIC card and its history: http://vimeo.com/isic/docu

About ISIC Japan

ISIC Japan is a new organisation established last year by the “Diethelm Keller Group“ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DKSH). Since January 1st 2014, ISIC Japan is the official and unique Japanese representative of the non-profit ISIC (International Student Identity Card) Association and as such holds the exclusive license for the distribution, marketing and promotion of the ISIC card here in Japan. ISIC Japan has an ambitious agenda to significantly grow the awareness and availability of the unique and longstanding ISIC card,following successes achieved in countries including but not limited to France, Taiwan, the USA, South Korea, Australia and Germany. The objective is to grow ISIC card distribution in Japan from currently 40,000 cards per year to more than 100,000 cards per year by 2017, following a dedicated and ambitious development strategy.

ISIC website
ISIC Japan website
The ISIC Association website 

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