Sep 4

JETAA Chapter beat-September 4th

Ashlie O’Neill (Hyogo-Ken, 2013-Present) AJET National Council Director of Alumni Relations. This is a new position to help strengthen the relationship between JETAA/AJET. Please feel free to contact her email at or her Linkedin profile. Ashlie helps to keep you up up to date with JETAA happenings around the world.

Let’s see what is coming up in September in JETAA Chapters .


Okinawan Performing arts at the Kennedy Center

Enjoy Performances by

  • Creative Eisa –Shishi-mai (Dance of Japanese lion)
  • Traditional Karate –Breathing methodologies, Kata, Sanchin-kata
  • Ryukyu Buyo (Classical Dance) –Yotsutake, Kasekake, Hatomabushi

If you are interested in going with JETAADC please send a message to with the number of people in your party and where you will meet them.


JETAA New York

Yukata Hop in Astoria-September 6th

Summer’s not over until September 21st (at least according to the official calendar)- so in order to keep the summer going JETAANY is having a Yukata Hop in Queens! Meet JETAANY at the Strand Smokehouse in Astoria and then head out to a couple other bars in the area (TBA soon). If you don’t have a Yukata, you are still welcome to join! Please feel free to wear other festive garb (happi coats, jinbei, etc.).

JETAA Music City

Japan Summer Fest-13th of September

Join JETAA Music City for games, delicious food, Japanese culture, and of course some great performances, including taiko, kendo and more at Japan Summer Fest! For a list of performances and activities, visit:


JETAA Pacific Northwest

PNWJETAA booth at the 17th Annual Aki Matsuri presented by the Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association – 6 & 7th of September

Every Fall, ENMA presents “Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival)”, a 2-day program of Japanese cultural, educational, and fun events for all age groups.The Aki Matsuri is a celebration of Japan’s rich cultural heritage. A large number of local artists and craft persons practicing Japanese-style arts and crafts (including the performing arts and martial arts), and Japan related businesses & organizations will be participating during the entire two day event activities.
PNWJETAA will have a booth where they will have volunteers sharing their experiences in Japan.
If you are interested in volunteering for the both please contact Jennifer at


JETAA Toronto

Support JETAA Toronto while they compete in a Dragon Boat Race

Ever wanted to see a dragon boat race? Or even better – Ever wanted to see your fellow JETAA members race for glory and for good food? Then join JETAA Toronto this weekend at Marilyn Bell Park on Saturday or Sunday and cheer them on!

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