Aug 11

Japan Writers Conference coming up

The Japan Writers Conference is a free event for English-language writers in a variety of fields—poets, novelists, journalists and even textbook authors. It’s held in a different part of Japan every year, with this year’s event set for Oct. 25-26 in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

JETs and JET alumni have been well represented among those attending and also those giving presentations at the previous seven annual events. One of them, Tom Baker (Chiba 1989-91) made the following video about the 2013 Japan Writers Conference, which was held in Okinawa. In it, you’ll also hear from JET alumni Percival Constantine (Kagoshima 2008-13), Todd Jay Leonard (Aomori 1989-1992), Benjamin Martin (Okinawa 2008-13), and Autumn Widdoes (Okinawa 2010-14).

For information on this year’s event, check the official website:

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