Mar 15

$10K in Matching Funds for Tohoku Relief Still Remains!

2x4-VerticalIf you’d still like to donate to the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund (TAMF) in support of Tohoku relief efforts, there’s still time!  $10,000 of matching funds remains but will no longer be available in a few days.

Donation website:

The JET/JET Alum community has already come through to an inspiring extent, raising $23,968 for the TAMF through Global Giving.  This is already beyond prior expectations, and the Anderson family (which on Thursday attended a showing of “Live Your Dream:  The Taylor Anderson Story“at the Council on Foreign Relations which included State Department and Japanese Embassy representatives as well as a strong JETAA DC crew) has been extremely appreciative.

But if you haven’t had a chance to donate yet or you feel like making another donation, please know that for the next day or two matching funds still remain.


Thursday’s showing of “Live Your Dreams: The Taylor Anderson Story” at the Council on Foreign Relations. Those pictured include Andy Anderson (middle), Paige Cottingham-Streater (middle-left), Jim Gannon (right) and JETAA DC’s Joanna Blatchly, Leigh Ann Mastrini, Rebeka Solem, Joy Young, and Paul Champaloux.

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