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JETAA Chapter Beat 25th February 2014

Welcome to JETAA Chapter Beat. Theodore Genba Bigby (Yamagata 2008-12) walks you through some of the highlights from JET alumni associations across the globe. Genba currently serves as the JETAA UK Webmaster and as the JETAA Midlands chair.

JETAA Chapter Beat for 2014 kicks off with two films and alumni efforts to support Japan in the wake of the the 2011 earthquake. So much was lost during such a relatively short period of time, and the JET community is proud to continue supporting the north of Japan as it continues its recovery.
JETAA Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia

    Big Bento Lunch is on again this year!
    Throughout March 2014
    Throughout Oceania

    “March 11 is the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.

    To commemorate the disaster and raise much-needed funds for the Save Minamisoma Project, Big Bento Lunch encourages people to get together for a Japanese-style lunch and collect donations.

    Get your colleagues, family, friends or school together and host a bento lunch between March 1 and 31.

    Last year Big Bento Lunch raised more than $7000 for the Save Minamisoma Project, and in 2012 raised more than $15,000 for UNICEF’s work supporting children in the affected regions of Tohoku.

    The initiative is proudly organised by JETAA Victoria/Tasmania/South Australia, with support from the Consulate-General of Japan, Melbourne.

    Head to our website at www.bigbentolunch.com.au to register your lunch.”

JETAA Chicago

    “HAFU” ”ハーフ” screening
    28th February 2014
    Depaul University Schmitt Academic Center, Room 154, 2320 N. Kenmore Avenue

    This is a film I really want to see. I’m interested to learn about how people in Japan construct their own identities and how Japanese society constructs the identity of others. This has to be a must see and I’d encourage everyone who can to catch a screening of it.

    “Please join us for an exclusive screening of:



    With an ever increasing movement of people between places in this transnational age, there is a mounting number of mixed-race people in Japan, some visible others not. “Hafu” is the unfolding journey of discovery into the intricacies of mixed-race Japanese and their multicultural experience in modern day Japan. The film follows the lives of five “hafus”–the Japanese term for people who are half-Japanese–as they explore what it means to be multiracial and multicultural in a nation that once proudly proclaimed itself as the mono-ethnic nation.

    Narrated by the hafus themselves, along with candid interviews and cinéma vérité footage, the viewer is guided through a myriad of hafu experiences that are influenced by upbringing, family relationships, education, and even physical appearance. As the film interweaves five unique life stories, audiences discover the depth and diversity of hafu personal identities.”

    You can get in contact with JETAA Chicago by email: info@jetaachicago.com. Admission is free, but there are a limited number of spaces available, so please reserve your place at this free event by registering at: http://guestli.st/229539. Doors open at 6:15pm. The film will begin at 6:30pm.

    To learn more about the film, you can visit their website www.hafufilm.com/en and why not see if there’s a screening near to you? http://hafufilm.com/en/screening_and_events/
    Tohoku Tomo 東北友 Documentary Premiere
    12th March 2014
    The Adler Planetarium 1300 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605

    “Save the date for the exclusive premiere of Tohoku Tomo 東北友 ! Three JETAAs -Wesley Julian, Daniel Martin, and Elizabeth Gordon- have been working hard to complete this project and are looking forward to sharing it.

    In March 2013, Wesley Julian launched and successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to create Tohoku Tomo – a documentary film telling the story of true friendship and commitment to Japan’s recovery by the international community following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Julian and a small team traveled across the United States and Japan to interview individuals who have made and continue to make a difference in Tohoku.

    Countless people dropped what they were doing and dedicated themselves to Japan’s recovery. Many of them even took it upon themselves to establish non-profit organizations aimed at connecting with and rebuilding Tohoku and its communities. At the core of all these organizations are individuals—people connected and committed to the Tohoku region. These founders and volunteers are true friends of Tohoku. They are, in Japanese, Tohoku Tomo. For more information, visit www.TohokuTomo.com.

    Ticket price is free but space is limited. RSVP is required prior to the event.

    Please rsvp here: http://guestlistapp.com/events/231924

JETAA Rocky Mountain

    Donate for Tohoku
    Starts: 12:00 midnight Japan time on 3/11 (8 a.m. MST on March 10)
    Ends: 11:59 p.m. Japan time on 3/11 (7:59 a.m. MST on March 11)

    “Three years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the devastation in Tohoku has largely faded from the news. However, so much remains to be done for the survivors and TAMF has been partnering with a number of organizations in Japan to provide relief and help the people of Tohoku build a strong and vibrant future.”

    The best thing about this donation drive is that “all donations up to $1,000 per individual donor made to the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund on March 11th Japan time will be matched by Global Giving through their Japan Match Global Giving program.”

    For full details of the event from JETAA Rocky Mountain, check out this page on their website: http://rmjetalumni.org/main/2014/02/donate-for-tohoku-2014/

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