Nov 24

Senso-ji in Tokyo

Posted by Benjamin Martin, a JET from 2008-2013 in Okinawa, publisher of the blog and author of Revenge of the Akuma Clan

SensoTemple-12After visiting Tokyo Skytree during my two-day trip to Tokyo I worked my way down to the new train station to work my way back into town. Many people had suggested the Asakusa area so I got off at the Asakusa station, just a few stops from the tower. I didn’t have any specific plans or maps but I quickly found my way to a highly populated area before the Senso Temple grounds.

SensoTemple-2Between the Kaminari (lightning) Gate and the Hozo Gate is a long street sided by stalls of small shops offering a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs. From the small train station I arrived at I ended up in the middle of the street. Despite the lack of special events there were tons of tourists and other visitors packing the small way. The reason for this oldest temple in Tokyo’s popularity was clear when the Hozo Gate and the main hall came into view just beyond.

SensoTemple-11The temple’s grounds are large and expansive, offering the traditional views most Buddhist temples offer, but with a variety of interesting things that make a visit there unique. Unfortunately, while I was visiting the skies were overcast, but I managed to snap a few photos while wandering the grounds. Before going I did no research or planning which made the exploration a bit more fun, even though I was quite tired after an entire day walking Tokyo.

One of the most interesting views was from just beyond Hozo Gate.  There, you can glimpse Tokyo Skytree paired with the giant fiber sandals attached to the back of the gate. I found it an interesting mix of new and old. I definitely think a trip to Senso-ji is worth the time if you’re visiting Tokyo.

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