Jun 16

Welcome to JET Talks, by JETAADC – Live Your Dream Q&A




JET Talks is a brand new speaker series organized by the JET Program Alumni Association of Washington, DC.  JET Talks is modeled after the TED Talks concept and will feature dynamic and interesting speakers with the goal of inspiring innovative ideas and conversations on Japan-related themes.  Although JET Talks audio files will be accessible via the Let’s Talk Japan podcast subscription feed, the two are separate entities.  However, our goals are the same – to get people talking and thinking about Japan.

Shauna Tischler, came up with the idea of JET Talks and currently serves as JETAADC’s Thought Leadership Chair.  From 2000-2003, Shauna worked as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Program in Gifu Prefecture.  Special recognition is also owed to Leigh Ann Mastrini, the current President of JETAADC, and the Japan Information and Cultural Center of Washington, DC, for hosting the first JET Talks event.

Regular listeners of the Let’s Talk Japan podcast will recall that in Episode 11, host Nick Harling spoke with Regge Life about making the film Live Your Dream, chronicling the lives of JET Program participants Taylor Anderson and Montgomery Dickson, who passed away in the March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Regge was recently in Washington, DC, along with Taylor’s father, Andy Anderson, and Montgomery’s sister, Shelly Frederickson, to speak at the first JET Talks event – a screening and panel discussion of the film Live Your Dream.  More than 120 guests were in attendance and the event was a huge success.

For anyone who has not seen Live Your Dream, I encourage you to listen to Let’s Talk Japan episode 11, as it provide a good overview of the film.

In this JET Talks, you will first hear introductory remarks from the event organizers and panelists, followed by the panel discussion, which followed the screening.

You can listen to this first installment of JET Talks by subscribing to the Let’s Talk Japan podcast in iTunes or by clicking HERE.


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