May 5

Let’s Talk Japan Podcast: Episode 9, Podcasting About Japan

Let’s Talk Japan is a twice monthly, interview format podcast covering a wide range of Japan-related topics.  Host Nick Harling (Mie-ken, 2001-03) lived in Japan from 2001 until 2005, including two great years as a JET Program participant in Mie-Ken.  He practices law in Washington, D.C., and lives with his wife who patiently listens to him talk about Japan . . . a lot.

Dear JET Alums,

Do you find yourself going through withdrawal while having to wait two whole weeks for the next episode of the Let’s Talk Japan podcast?  If so, check out Episode 9, where I review other great Japan-related podcasts you might want to start listening to.  Categories covered include: Life in Japan, Japanese Language Study, Sports, History, Food, Current Events, etc.



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