Mar 19

JETAA UK Annual General Meeting 2013

Theodore Genba Bigby (Yamagata 2008-12) walks you through some of the highlights from JET alumni associations across the globe.  Genba currently serves as the JETAA UK Webmaster and on the JETAA Midlands committee.

The JETAA UK national AGM was held earlier this month at the Japan Local Government Centre (JLGC) in Whitehall, London, with a lot of hope and enthusiasm for the coming year.

This year’s meeting featured alumni who had recently returned from Japan, alumni who have decided to make the UK their home and those who had returned to the UK as long ago as 20 years. The 20 delegates involved came from all over the UK and included representatives from the Embassy of Japan and JLGC. During the two day meeting held on the 10th and 11th of March, the small but dedicated group eagerly shared new ideas and planned for the future of JETAA in the UK. The varied viewpoints made for an extremely productive meeting and is something that should be valued in an organisation dedicated to internationalisation.

Several key developments emerged from the AGM:

JETAA UK Careers and Information Day
In order to build on recent successes at the Careers and Information Day (CID), plans were made to alter the format for future events. The main change proposed includes holding several talks or networking events for different industries over the course of the year, instead of a single careers day. They are currently seeking the assistance of alumni to support his initiative and would like to hear from members who work at companies interested in hosting a networking event and those who would be interested in giving a presentation about what its like to work in their industry. Please contact to become involved.

UK Expansion
As well as attempting to revive the Midlands chapter, there are also plans afoot for a new chapter in the South East of England.

Japanese Olympic Bid
As alumni may already know, Japan are bidding to host the Olympics in 2020 and JETAA UK are keen to support the bid in whatever way they can.

Changes were also made to the national committee which saw Vanessa Villalobos make way for Fiona Steele in the chair position and the addition of a vice chair role. The CID coordinator role has become that of national careers & networking coordinator and the marketing liaison has been tweaked slightly to become a marketing coordinator. Let’s take a look at the UK committee along with other positions the members hold in JETAA.

National Committee 2013-2014

Chair: Fiona Steele (Consultant, JETAA London)

Vice-Chair: Emily McBride (Vice Chair, JETAA London)

Secretary: Jess Brown

Treasurer: Wes Jones (Treasurer, JETAA Midlands)

National Careers & Networking Coordinator: Sarah Parsons (Provisional committee member, JETAA Midlands) and Ting Ting Li (joint Chair, JETAA London)

Web Editor: Josephine Audigier (joint Chair, JETAA London)

Marketing Coordinator: Daniella Holland

Web Master: Martin McCloud and Theodore ‘Genba’ Bigby (Provisional committee member, JETAA Midlands)


Here’s to another successful year for JETAA UK!

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