Dec 24

“Introduction to the JET Program” video created by JET alum Eliot Honda

Here’s the latest video project by Hawaii-based JET Eliot Honda (Ehime-ken, Uwajima-shi), who previously created four videos about his JET town of Uwajima-shi as well as a video titled “Sister City Ties“:

Eliot says: “I finally completed the JET Program Introduction video. (Revised, hopefully audio and graphics look better.)”

Published on Dec 23, 2012

An Introduction to the JET Program.The Japanese Government, CLAIR, nor The JET Program had any involvement in the creation of this video. All information displayed in this video came from the experience I had over my three years on JET, as well as speaking with other ALTs throughout Japan. Your experience may differ, because as they say:”Every situation is different.”

For official documentation on the JET Program please visit these sites:

Wallpaper by Kevin Macleod
Sunshine by Kevin Macleod

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