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Emily Lemmon, (Hyogo-ken, Shiso-shi, 2009-present), PSG volunteer, organizer of Hyogo-ken’s PEPY Ride, student of Shorinji Kempo, and editor of the Hyogo Times, gives a little taste of what JETs are doing around Japan.  To submit items for future JET Prefecture Round-up posts, e-mail Emily at jetinfogather [at]


Events by Region

Tohoku Region


  • AJET’s Thanksgiving Cabin Party is November 26th-27th!


Kantou Region



Chubu Region




Kansai Region


  • The Christmas Smile Kids Japan visit will be on Saturday, December 10 from 1-4pm.


  • Hyogo will host the Awaji ALT Football Tournament on Awajishima Friday 18th – Sunday 20th November.
  • Hyogonians get their “JETs on Jitenshas” on in the Fall PEPY Ride in Himeji November 20th.
  • The Shiso Sale is happening until December 10th, to benefit PEPY and Cambodia!
  • Thanksgiving Dinner in Kobe, November 23rd!
  • A Very Shiso Thanksgiving will be held in Shiso on November 26th.


  • Osaka JETs are re-visiting Shinodoyama Orphanage in Izumi-shi on November 23rd.
  • Moustache Bash is December 2nd in Osaka!



Shikoku Region

  • Shikoku Field Day will be held in Shikoku Saburo no Sato, in Mima City, Tokushima on November 26th and 27th.


  • All JETs and their JTEs are invited to the Skills Development Conference Enkai at Hadaka no Osama in Matsuyama on December 1st!
  • Jam for Japan is scheduled for December 10th to raise money for donation  to Tohoku.
  • Ehime JETs are doing a Christmas Party and Secret Santa orphanage visit in Matsuyama on December 17th


  • Kochi JETs are invited to Tea Ceremony on November 23rd in Takajo-machi.
  • Kochi JETs are invited to a free tour of Tengu Highlands on November 26th!


Kyushu Region



  • KumAJET will climb the 3,333 steps on November 19th!


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