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JET Prefecture Round-Up 09.16.11


Emily Lemmon, (Hyogo-ken, Shiso-shi, 2009-present), PSG volunteer, organizer of Hyogo-ken’s PEPY Ride, student of Shorinji Kempo, and editor of the Hyogo Times, gives a little taste of what JETs are doing around Japan.  To submit items for future JET Prefecture Round-up posts, e-mail Emily at jetinfogather [at]


Events by Region


Tohoku Region



  • Iwate AJET will be climbing Mt. Iwate on October 8th on the Umagaeshi trail.


  • MAJET Bandai Trip is September 17th-19th , a camping adventure at Mount Bandai in Northwest Fukushima.


  • Connect 2011 is happening October 8th-10th at Kurosawa in Oguni, Yamagata.



Kantou Region





Chubu Region



  • Cricket Game: Nagano vs. Hakuba, October 19th.
  • October 16th, the Ina English Guide Club will present Zazen Meditation.



Kansai Region

Over the weekend of September 2nd,  Typhoon Talas crossed through Japan, dumping massive amounts of rain especially on the prefectures of Wakayama, Nara, and Mie. There are volunteer opportunities available to JETs in and around the Kansai area to help the victims of this typhoon.



  • The Nara AJET Halloween Party will be at the Wormwood Café on October 29th.





  • Osaka Smile Kids Japan group makes its next visit on September 25th.



Chugoku Region


  • Bound in Japan comes to Okayama! Workshops will be in Okayama City on September 17th and 18th, in Maniwa September 24th, and in Tsuyama September 25th.


  • Beerfest Daisen 2011 will take place at Mt. Daisen in Tottori, September 23rd, featuring craft brews.


Shikoku Region

  • Shikoku Field Day will be held in Shikoku Saburo no Sato, in Mima City, Tokushima on November 5th.



  • October 1st-2nd is the Niihama Welcome Party, held on the beach in Niihama.
  • October 15th Ehime JETs will climb Mt. Ishizuchi, tallest mountain on Shikoku.
  • October 22nd is the Matsuyama Orphanage Visit.
  • November 12th is the Ehime AJET Dinner in Matsuyama.


  • Beer, Sake, Baseball, and BBQ will be September 17th at Hagi Park.
  • Kochi JETs will make an excursion to Nahari Hotel Beer Garden on Friday 30th September.
  • October 8th-10th is Surf Camp in Kuroshio-cho for Kochi JETs.
  • Kochi-JETs are helping with Halloween Party in an abandoned school building on October 28th.


Kyushu Region





  • The Amakusa Waterwheel event is September 23rd in Amakusa, Kumamoto!
  • Kumamoto JETs are helping out with the 5th annual Nagasu Ferry Event on September 25th, Sunday!
  • KumAJET and DiscSports Japan present Ichi Kyuu Bee on October 1st, featuring 4 ALT Teams (Saga, Oita, Miyazaki, and Kumamoto) and 9 Japanese Teams (Shakaijin and college students from all over Kyushu).
  • Kumamoto JETs will be rafting down the Kuma River on Saturday, 15th October with LandEarth.


  • JETs are invited to the O’hana Cafe’s 8th Anniversary Party on September 16th.
  • On 23rd September, JETs will check out the wild boar races in Kawatana.
  • On 1st October, Nagasaki JETs will take a walk through Hasami. The attractions include tiered rice fields, crazy scarecrows, pottery, and pretty temples.

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