Sep 15

JET alum returns to Minamisanriku with charity funds

Jen Wang (Miyagi, 2008-09) created the alias “Hibari-sensei” for her Japanese pop culture blog, Gaijin Teacher Otaku, after her students called her by the name of a character she cosplayed. She also writes for J-music website Purple SKY.

Canon Purdy (Miyagi, 2008-10) made headlines when Today‘s Ann Curry found tracked her down after the earthquake and tsunami hit Minamisanriku, where she was visiting former students. She then started up Save Miyagi to help the students she had once taught. NBC Bay Area did a follow-up report on her trip back to Minamisanriku in late August, where she handed over the 300 thousand yen (roughly $3500) she raised to the board of education.

Photo from the Save Miyagi blog

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