Sep 7

There’s an excellent ongoing series on titled “Can Japan Recover?” by Daisann McLane as she travels through various areas of Tohoku.  McLane is traveling and writing about Japan as a guest of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

  1. Sendai Rising From the Wreckage
  2. The Fishermen of Fukushima
  3. The New Fear of Food

“I’m exploring recovering Japan as a guest of the Japan National Tourism Organization. Tourism here dropped through the floor in the first three months after what’s now being called the “Triple Disaster”—earthquake, tsunami, Fukushima. The tourism board was so eager for upbeat stories they offered to send me anywhere I wanted over the course of a week. I emailed them a decidedly non-upbeat itinerary: Sendai, Fukushima, Tokyo. To my surprise, and to their credit, they said no problem. A few weeks later, in July, I was on a Shinkansenspeeding north from Tokyo to Sendai.”

To read more of McLane’s writing about Japan on her travel blog, go to

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