Aug 27

AJET’s revamped website continues to impress.  There’s now a section called AJET Voices that lists all the main JET online publications and also invites JETs to submit an article.  The goal is to help JETs connect with their communities.

Here are the publications listed:

  1. The Wide Island View (Hiroshima)
  2. Yomoyama
  3. NagaZasshi (Nagasaki)
  4. Ganbatte Times:  The Unofficial Kyoto JET Webzine
  5. The Refill (Fukuoka)
  6. The Hyogo Times
  7. HAJET (Hokkaido)
  8. The TRAM (Toyama)
  9. JETFuel
  10. Shimane Black Taxi
  11. Mie Life
  12. Ishikawa JET (Thanks to Leah Zoller for calling this one to our attention.)

For more about AJET Voices, here are AJET’s own words:

Have you done something you felt was special? Want to promote an event you are involved in? Just want to get published? AJET Voice is AJET’s way of connecting you with the rest of the JET community throughout Japan. All JETs are encouraged to submit and share their experiences with everyone.

The JET Programme is all about multicultural exchange and grassroots internationalization. If you have participated in something which you felt furthered these goals, please share it with the rest of us! Submit your articles of 200-300 words with any pictures to

Publications across Japan

Currently representing voices from Nagano, Hyogo, Toyama and many others, the site is growing in hopes of being a resources for all of Japan and those interested in the perspectives born from living here as a foreign resident.

By Prefecture

Many of the publications represented on the site are fundamentally newsletters, PDFs, or print magazines. If you are interested in or reside in the prefecture of a specific publication and wish to submit or regularly receive it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


All of the publications on this site are in some way connected to the JET program and often each prefecture’s AJET (Association Japan Exchange and Teaching) branch. Submissions from guest writers and non-JET program teachers is extremely common and decided by each publication along with the content and editorial vision.

As a unified site, all content abides by the site’s editorial ethic not to publish any content felt to be uncritically prejudiced or offensive.

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