Apr 8

By Jen Wang (Miyagi-ken, Tome-shi, 2008-09), writer for J-music website Purple Sky.  She also maintains her own J-pop culture blog, Gaijin Teacher Otaku.

JET alum and tsunami survivor Canon Purdy (Miyagi-ken, Shizugawa-cho, 2008-10) has created the Save Miyagi fund with her family to help the students in Minamisanriku.  Currently she is working with the mayor and the BOE to determine where the funds are needed most.

In addition to seeking donations, she is asking both current and former JETs to send her links to fundraisers and other charity events to be promoted on the Save Miyagi site.  She is also looking for photos of places before they were destroyed by the tsunami to send to the victims as a way to raise morale and give them something to hold onto.

You can email your links and photos to canon.purdy [at] gmail.com .


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