Mar 21

How bloggers can help Japan through the tough times

It’s amazing to see how everybody in America is thinking of unique ways to help Japan in this time of crisis. People are taking to the streets asking for donations (myself included), there are communities doing translations for towns and villages across the region, and now wibiya, an app for bloggers, has developed a tool that can be placed on the bottom of your blog/website.

Bloggers can download this free application and have a bar underneath their site that informs people about how to donate to the red cross and help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This is what innovation is all about. Using technology to help people in need. It is in times like this that I am proud to say that I’m an American. Thank you again to everybody helping Japan.

Click Here to download the application

Posted by Sam Frank, an ALT who taught English in Hiraizumi-Cho, Iwate Prefecture from 2002-2004 and worked in Shirahama-cho, Wakayama Prefecture as a JET from 2004-2006. He currently manages the New York Division of UnRated Magazine ( and works as a Project Manager at Arrow Root Media (

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