Jan 6

JET alum/cartoonist Lars Martinson gives radio interview

JET alum and 'Tonoharu' creator Lars Martinson.

Check out this great radio interview with JET alum/cartoonist Lars Martinson (Fukuoka-ken 2003-2006), creator of the four-part graphic novel Tonoharu. Lars talked with radio station KFAI out Minnesota in December. Hear him talk about the creation of his book, which tells the tale of an ALT wrestling with the challenges of living in rural Japan (sound familiar, anyone?). Lars lived in rural Fukuoka for three years and spent several years post-JET crafting the novel based on his experiences.

For those who are interested, Tonoharu Part I and Part II (which just hit book shelves in November) can be found here:


Also be sure to check out JetWit’s recent interview with Lars Martinson.

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