Aug 16

Top 10: If a JET Alum were President of the U.S……

This past weekend at the JETAA USA Conference hosted by the JETAA New York chapter, there were several references in speeches (including by Ambassador Fujisaki) to the possibility of a JET alum someday becoming President of the United States.  Fortunately, this issue was already addressed in the Spring 2004 issue of the JETAA NY Quarterly Newsletter so we’ll all know exactly what to expect:

Spring 2004 – THE “POLITICS” ISSUE TOP 14!

It could happen.  One of these days one of our very own from the JET Alumni community could become President of the United States.  What would that be like, ka na…?


14. Fifty-minute self-introduction on first day in office.
13. Press conference with Japanese media to promote internationalization and clear up confusion over ability to use chopsticks.
12. Presidential toilet seat warmer.
11. Future school history books include section on famous “I Have a Pen!” speech.
10. Vending machines with hot corn soup installed throughout White House
9.  Pre-Departure Orientation in the Rose Garden
8.  Curry rice included in public school lunch menus across the U.S.
7.  All Foreign Service language training outsourced to AEON.
6.  Inauguration Karaoke!
5.  All JETAA Chapter Reps appointed to ambassadorships.
4.  President works half days, then goes on vacation.  (Wait a second…)
3.  Spin control involves slapping Vice President on the back of the head to evoke laughter from audience and divert controversy.
2.  All policies explained very clearly, slowly and loudly.
1.  Oval Office Happy Hour!

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