Jul 29

Japanese Online Community Leader

This job post came through a friend of mine from grad school. They are looking for an anime lover with social media skills and fluent in English and Japanese.



Veoh.com is one of the largest video portals in the world and a hub for anime fans and content. Now, we have fantastically unique social technology – http://www.qlipso.com

If you love anime, manga, virtual worlds and online video, we may have the best summer job of your life! We are looking for a young, online-savvy teen or early twenties online community organizer to help us excite our Japanese community of over 4 million people! This requires a voracious passion for all kinds of anime and manga, and a willingness to leverage our anime content to make our community even more involved. The ability to communicate your obsession with characters, themes, plots, relationships, and culture within anime/manga are a must.

Most importantly, we need someone who will have fun with this position. Your goals are clear, but the way you achieve them is up to your creativity.

Must be fluent in Japanese and pretty functional in English. Also, should be active online through social networks, online games.
• Fluent in both Japanese and English
• Social prowess
• Creative
• Strong writing skills
• Mastery of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook
• Longtime passionate anime super fan
• Productive and efficient worker that does not need close supervision
• Adept Internet and computer user

contact eric@qlipso.com

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