Feb 3

Urgent short-term gig: Japanese Speakers Wanted For Translation Work (Los Angeles)

Language Weaver is seeking Japanese-English bilinguals to work on a short job this Wednesday or Thursday. They must be able to read both Japanese and English, and be fluent native or near-native English speakers. The job will take about 4 hours, working through an online portal on a flexible schedule, with training by phone. They will work as independent consultants, not employees. Since the total pay is under the federal limit, it will not be reported to the IRS.

The task is to skim 200 sentences that were translated from Japanese into English by a computer, and rate the quality of the translation on a 5-point scale. The sentences are on general news topics that don’t require any special vocabulary. The consultant can be an undergraduate, graduate, senior citizen, someone’s spouse, or whatever — so long as they can read both Japanese and English fluently, and aren’t tied up with midterms this week.

The pay for the job will be $90 a person. People who are interested in the job should contact Michael Potts at 310-437-7300 extension 244, or mpotts@languageweaver.com. He is available both days and evenings.

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