Oct 26

Roland Kelts on Japanese pop music in Daily Yomiuri column

cibomattoRoland Kelts (Osaka-shi, 1998-99), author of Japanamerica, has another SOFT POWER/HARD TRUTHS column in The Daily Yomiuri (and also re-printed in 3:AM Magazine) about J-Pop music in America, featuring interviews with Miho Hatori, formerly of Cibo Mato, and Reni-chan, a recent NYC transplant from Tokyo, plus reflections on AKB48.

  1. Daily Yomiuri SOFT POWER/HARD TRUTHS:  Japan’s Music Makers in America
  2. Link to 3:AM Magazine post of the column:  http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/3am-asia-soft-power-hard-truths-japans-music-makers-in-america/

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