Oct 14

MontanaAre you a JET alum in Montana?  Do you know any JET alums in Montana?  Then get in touch with Pat Hauge (Nagasaki-ken, 2006-09).  He’s looking to link up with other JET alums in the (rather large) vicinity.  Here’s his request:

I just returned from 3 years on JET in Nagasaki, and am living back in Missoula. Just wondering if there are any ex-JETs in the area. If so, I’d love to hear from you and maybe meet up for lunch or a Missoula microbrew.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Pat Hauge (Nagasaki 2006-2009)  pbh406 [/at/] yahoo [/dot/] com

JetWit followed up with Pat to find out how life is out there and how he gets his “Japan fix.”  Here’s Pat’s response:

I have recently returned home after a long 3 years in Japan so I’m still working on satisfying my “Montana fix”. Though I guess the biggest thing I miss at this point would be sashimi.I lived on a small fishing island off the coast of Nagasaki ken where the raw fish was as dank as you could find. There are a couple decent Japanese restaurants here in Missoula, Sushi Hana and Nara, which both have dollar sushi night’s. They’ll never really compare, but I guess they do give me that weekly fix.  There are quite a few Japanese college students here in town at the University of Montana, so I have a chance to practice my Japanese and hear some eeeeee’s, or sugoooi’s which makes me feel not quite as far away from the rising sun.

Although living in Japan on JET was an amazing experience, I am actually quite happy being back in Missoula, Montana (even though it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit in early October last week) where I just bought a house and am beginning a career as a financial planner.

If anyone is in the area I’d love to get together, chat about Japan, grab a pint of beer, or eat some dollar sushi, so hit me up!



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  • Ruth and Jonathan King Said on October 16th, 2009 at 1:06 pm:

    Hi there…my husband and I were JETs in Hokkaido from ’04-’07 and we live in Missoula now. There have got to be more of us around ;)

  • Beckie Faught Said on October 16th, 2009 at 7:44 pm:


    I’m originally from Missoula but staying with family in Butte. I’ll probably be back in Missoula soon-ish. I also know a guy from NY living with his Japanese girlfriend in Missoula, so perhaps we can all meet up in the near future.

    I was in Osaka-fu for 3 years and I think the guy from NY was too. (We’ve only met once but have tons of friends in common.)

    Hmm….seems like there are a few of us. (I just noticed the other comment.) Should we plan something???? Just a thought.


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