Jun 12

Roland Kelts (Osaka-shi, 1998-99), author of Japanamerica, has been keeping busy.  JetWit just hasn’t been able to keep up.  So here are some recent highlights:

  • A recent Daily Yomiuri SOFT POWER/HARD TRUTHS column about a symposium on the state of the anime/manga industry and some of the challenges it faces, which you can see on 3:00 A.M. Magazine.  The column touches on the shifting market as well as the unsustainable nature of the way anime/manga workers are compensated.
  • Giving a speech at book-signing event in Kyoto next weekend as part of a Creative Writing Lecture Series.  (A good event for any JETs or JET alums in the area!  If you go, say hi to Roland and feel free to report back to JetWit on the event.)
  • Japanamerica is now available on Kindle!

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