Dec 11

From a JETAA Pacific Northwest email about Kevin Kajitani (Hyogo-ken, 2006-07) who has created Japanese Accelerator, a new online Japanese study method for keeping your Japanese skills up.  He’s offering a special discount to JET alums who want to try it out.

Research Proven Japanese Conversation Training System

Japanese Accelerator, presented by Speekit, is a unique Japanese language education tool specifically designed for Japanese. It’s method has been proven through University research to significantly improve your overall conversational fluency by putting you inside real, everyday conversations.

Japanese Accelerator will take you beyond simply “learning” the Japanese language and help you to truly *acquire* it.  To learn more about Japanese Accelerator, visit us as www.JapaneseAcceler

If you are a JETAA members, you can save more than 50% off the normal price of Japanese Accelerator. Get full, unlimited access to Japanese Accelerator and it’s growing library of content for a one-time fee of just $29.

To get in on this great deal, go to: www.JapaneseAcceler jetaa-sign- up

Kevin Kajitani
ALT, Hyogo Prefecture



Have you been looking for a new way to continue your Japanese language study after JET? Do you know someone who is going on JET and would like to study the language before they leave? PNWJETAA member Kevin Kajitani has been working on a project that will extend your language learning capabilities online.

The PNWJETAA officers feel that part of our services that we provide to our members is not only support returning from the program and networking opportunities for finding a job in the area, but also for giving our members an opportunity to continue to explore Japanese culture and language education in the community. We see Kevin’s project to be an integral part of providing our members with a great opportunity to continuing to study Japanese.

In turn, Kevin has agreed to offer substantial discounts to all JETAA members so we hope that you take the time to explore this opportunity.



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