Nov 20

Here are some stories we’re sure that George Rose (Fukushima-ken, 1989-91) is following.  George, a former JETAA NY President, currently works for the New York Yankees in Tokyo and previously served as Hideki Irabu’s interpreter.

16-Year-Old Japanese Girl With Knuckleball Drafted by Professional Baseball Team – Apparently she was inspired to learn it from watching the Red Sox’ Time Wakefield.

MLB vs. Japan:  Tensions Over Recruiting of Young Japanese Phenom – George’s boss Brian Cashman is quoted in the article.  Looks like the Yankees’ don’t want to ruffle their relationship with the Yomiuri Giants and also recognize the benefit of other teams not signing this guy to pitch against them.

Seattle Mariners Hire Don Wakamatsu as Manager; First Asian-American to Manage in MLB – The article notes that Don’s father was born in a Japanese-American internment camp during WWII.  For more on that topic, read Justin Tedaldi’s review of a documentary titled Passing Poston in the Fall 2008 “Politics” Issue of the JETAA NY Quarterly newsletter.

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