Feb 4

The JETAA-sphere Podcast: Ep 3, Part 1 – Matt Gillam (CLAIR) and Bahia Simons-Lane (USJETAA)

****************** From JETwit Media, it’s the 3rd episode of the JETAA-sphere Podcast! Matthew Gillam of CLAIR NY (aka the Japan Local Government Center) and Bahia Simons-Lane (Gunma-ken, 2005-07), Director of USJETAA join Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-94) and Joe Moore (Saga-ken, 2010-13) about what CLAIR and USJETAA are, what they do, how they support JETAA USA, and how they each ended up in their current roles. (Don’t worry. […]

Nov 17

JQ Magazine: JQ&A with Matthew Gillam, Senior Researcher at the Japan Local Government Center

By Adam Lobel (Nagano-ken, 2000-02) for JQ magazine. Last year, Adam returned to New York after 10 years in Japan, where he researched satoyama (traditional landscape of Japan) as a master’s student, and collaborated with Japanese policymakers in science and technology while working at a think tank. Adam currently helps manage his family’s business, a land use law firm […]

Oct 28

JET ROI: Why JET Matters – Japanese language education, national security and the future of US-Japan relations

In a recent discussion on the JETAA Education Professionals LinkedIn Group, JET alum and Japanese language consultant Beth Yamamuro shared some perspectives and thoughts on the decline in administrative support for Japanese language study.  Beth’s comments prompted Matt Gillam, a long-time CLAIR-NY staff member and a graduate of Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, […]

Feb 20

The JETAA-sphere Podcast: Ep 7 – Monica Yuki, Jessyca Livingston & James Gannon discuss the JETAA USA Board of Advisors and 3.11

****************** From JETwit Media, it’s the 6th episode of the JETAA-sphere Podcast! Three members of the JETAA USA Board of Advisors—Monica Yuki (Saitama-ken, 2002-04), Jessyca Livingston, formerly Wilcox (Hokkaido, 2003-06) and James Gannon (Ehime-ken, 1992-94) join Steven Horowitz(Aichi-ken, 1992-94) and special co-host Matt Gillamof CLAIR NY (aka the Japan Local Government Center) to talk about the JETAA USA Board of Advisors–what it is, who’s on it, and how the tragedy of […]

Oct 18

Job: Multiple Positions – Sasakawa Peace Foundation (D.C.)

Thanks to CLAIR-NY’s Matt Gillam for passing this on. Posted by Jayme Tsutsuse (Kyoto-fu, 2013-2014), organizer of Cross-Cultural Kansai.  Click here to join the JETwit Jobs Google Group and receive job listings even sooner by email. Position: Multiple Positions (see below) Posted by: Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA Location: Washington D.C. Overview: Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA is undergoing a dramatic organizational revamp and we need to […]

Mar 13

Job: Translation Opportunity – JA>EN (on-going)

Posted by blogger and podcaster Jon Dao (Toyama-ken, 2009-12). Click here to join the JETwit Jobs Google Group and receive job listings even sooner by email. ————————————————————————————————————   Overview: [Steve’s Note: Received from TransPerfect following a chat with CLAIR’s Matt Gillam since both of their offices happen to be on the same floor in the same building!  I know of at least one […]

Aug 8

JETs in the News: Sankei Shimbun profiles Fukushima JET, quotes JETAANY President

The following article recently appeared in Japanese in the Sankei Shimbun.  Very special thanks to CLAIR NY’s Matt Gillam for providing a quick and functional summary/translation upon request.  Scroll further down for the Japanese version. “Fostering Japan Evangelist” http://sankei.jp.msn.com/world/news/130807/amr13080716050007-n1.htm Article by Hajime Matsuura Sankei Shimbun, August 7, 2013 On his way home the other day, […]

Dec 12

JLGC Newsletter – December 2012

Via CLAIR-NY (aka Japan Local Government Center): The newest JLGC Newsletter is has been published and can be viewed here: http://www.jlgc.org/pdfs/en/news74.pdf  The issue includes a feature on the recent JETAA USA Conference in San Francisco as well as well-written and extremely informative report by CLAIR-NY Senior Researcher Matt Gillam following his recent visit to Ishinomaki City, […]

Oct 6

************* Thanks to Matt Gillam, Senior Researcher at CLAIR-NY (aka Japan Local Government Center), who attended the recent Sister Cities International Conference in Riverside, CA, for writing up a little something about the conference and noting how JETs were present in several ways. A little context:  Back in July, several JET alum reps including Mike […]

Aug 20

Follow-up: JETAA USA National Conference info and docs

Via Jessyca Wilcox, one of JETAA USA’s three Country Representatives, sent to JETAA USA chapter delegates: Hello Everyone! I wanted to let you all know that between JETAA DC President Maurice “Mac” Maloney (mostly Mac!) and myself, we’ve managed to collect and post all the presentations and handouts that are available from the conference on […]

Jul 19

Thanks to Matt Gillam of CLAIR NY for forwarding this on. Apparently two Shiga JETs covered the two kilometers between Moriyama and Otsu in a little over an hour to raise approximately300,000 yen. Based on the katakana, I believe their names are Dusty Wittman and Roxy Borowska. (Thanks to Katie Jardine for the name correction!) […]

Feb 28

Thanks to Hotaka Kawasaki and Matt Gillam of CLAIR-NY for sharing news about this nice example of “Return on JET-vestment” at the local government level: The CIRs and ALTs in Toyama held the JET World Festival 2011 in Toyama City on February 27th to celebrate their respective home countries and deepen relations with the people […]

Nov 16

JET ROI: Japan Times readers respond to Debito Arudou’s “Don’t Blame JET for Japan’s Poor English”

Back in September the Japan Times ran a column by Debito Arudou titled “Don’t Blame JET for Japan’s Poor English.”  The article defended JET against criticism of non-improving English test scores.  But it also waded into some generalizations that prompted some thoughtful responses.  (Thanks to CLAIR-NY’s Matt Gillam for the heads up.) Click here to […]

Aug 16

JET ROI: “Because of JET……”

JETAA NY Webmaster and tech/social media guru Lee-Sean Huang (Oita-ken, 2003-06) got the ball rolling with a video series called “Because of JET…..“ in which he uploaded short video clips of JET alumni sharing some good things that they experienced and witnessed as a result of participating in JET.  The first few videos were taken […]

May 31

CLAIR-NY Report: JETAA USA Support for Communities in Japan

CLAIR-NY recently posted the below report, written by Senior Researcher Matthew Gillam, on its website about JETAA USA chapter activities in support of communities in Japan: http://www.jlgc.org/TopicList.aspx?topicCategoryID=6&topicID=271&languageTypeID=1&controlType=Display JETAA USA Support for Communities in Japan Recent examples as of May 2012 One way that the many JET alumni chapters in the US work to stay connected […]

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