May 31

Alumni Spotlight: Steven Horowitz

Check out AJET’s Connect Alumni Spotlight featuring JETwit’s own, Steven Horowitz:

Jul 2

JETwit’s Steven Horowitz quoted in Japan Times article on the eikaiwa market in Japan

Thanks to key members of the JET alum community for providing me with the background info necessary to sound reasonably knowledgeable in my quotes in the below Japan Times article (“The curious case of the eroding eikaiwa salary“).  One of my sub-goals in the article was to try and counter any misinformation or misperceptions about JET that might […]

Mar 11

“American View” interview with JETwit publisher Steven Horowitz on JET involvement in Japan’s recovery efforts

Update 03.13.12: Realized I neglected to mention in the interview The MUD Project, an ongoing Tohoku relief effort organized by JET alum Colin Rennie (CIR Yamagata-ken, 2007-10). Update 03.12.12: Here’s the interview translated into Japanese  “American View,” a quarterly magazine published by the Press Office of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, recently interviewed JETwit publisher Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-94) […]

Mar 29

Bankruptcy Man vs. Mortgantua, Part 7 – by Steven Horowitz

Bankruptcy Man and Bankruptcy Bill are cartoons created by Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-94) and Gideon Kendall.  For more cartoons, original bankruptcy haiku and even a bankruptcy country song, go to Do you work in bankruptcy or restructuring?  Now you can join the JET Alumni Restructuring & Bankruptcy Group on LinkedIn. Additionally, if anyone would […]

Feb 14

NPR’s Studio360 Features Bankruptcy Haiku by Steven Horowitz

Bankruptcy Bill is a cartoon created by Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-94) and Gideon Kendall.  To see more strips as well as original bankruptcy haiku, go to Listen to one of Bankruptcy Bill’s haiku read on the “Haiku-ing It To The Man” feature on NPR’s Studio360.  (Starts with about 1:31 left in the feature.) Here’s […]

Oct 27

New Bankruptcy Comic Strip by JET Alum Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-94)

Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-94) (i.e., the guy who does this JetWit site) has launched a new comic strip about bankruptcy lawyers called Bankruptcy Bill.  The first two strips are viewable at   Also, The Deal’s Bankruptcy Insider ran a nice item on the cartoon in this week’s issue (subscription required).

Sep 17

Life After JET: Podcast interview with Stephen Horowitz, Director of Legal English Programs

******* ******* Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, Kariya-shi, 1992-94) is the founder of JETwit, a member of the JETAA USA Board of Advisors, and Director of Legal English Programs at St. John’s University School of Law in Queens, NYC, “the most ethnically diverse urban place on the planet.” He also writes for the St. John’s Legal English […]

Aug 4

Job: Associate Network Director – The Economist (Tokyo, Japan)

Posted by Sydney Sparrow. Click here to join the JETwit Jobs Google Group and receive job listings even sooner by email. Position: Associate Network Director, North-East AsiaPosted by: The EconomistLocation: Tokyo, JapanContract: Full-Time Thanks to JET alumna, Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, Kariya-shi, 1992-94) for passing along the following job opening: Part of the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research and analysis division of The Economist […]

Jun 18

Episode 8 of the USLawEssentials Law & Language Podcast an interview with Scott Alprin (Aichi-ken, Kariya-shi, 1992-95) of Alprin Law Office, P.C. Scott is trademark and intellectual property attorney who speaks Japanese and works with many international clients. He discusses his career path and shares insights on law and practicing as an IP attorney. JET […]

Jun 15

JET alum Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, Kariya-shi, 1992-94), in collaboration with Daniel Edelson of, has launched a new legal English podcast titled “USLawEssentials: Law & Language.” The podcast is intended for foreign lawyers, law students, and LLM students as well as other non-native English speakers who want an enjoyable way to improve their legal English. […]

Dec 18

USJETAA Webinar – Making your Own Luck after JET

On Tuesday, December 15th, USJETAA hosted its last webinar of 2020 and it featured JETwit’s own, Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-1994) along with Mya Fisher (Kanagawa-ken, 2000-2002), and Kristy Ishii (Gunma-ken, 2016-2018). Each JET alumni spoke about building connections, networking, being proactive, trying something new, and ultimately “making your own luck after JET.” If you missed […]

Dec 11

Making Your Own Luck After JET

Join USJETAA and JETwit’s own, Steven Horowitz along with Mya Fisher & Kristy Ishii for a discussion on making your own luck after JET. They will cover how you can be proactive after JET in finding your next big opportunity. Our speakers will share their own journeys after JET and how they have utilized the […]

Apr 29

Post-JET Jobs: Using Your Bilingual/Bicultural Skills

Guest blog post by Kasia Lynch, Founder of Ikigai Connections, who supports job-seekers with her blog, job board and online training programs. Although not a former JET, she’s a big supporter of the Great Lakes JETAA and previously lived in Shiga-ken, Kobe, Kyoto, Saitama-ken and Tokyo (total 8 years). She also studied on the same […]

Aug 21

Legal Eagles; Careers in Law hosted by US JETAA

    On August 13, 2019, US JETAA hosted a webinar for JET alumni interested in going to law school or pursuing a career in the legal field. Four JET alums: Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-1994), Andy McCarthy (Akita-ken, 2005-2008), Jonathan Carll (Niigata-shi, 2008-2011), and Sarah H. Lee (Kumamoto-ken, 2004-2006) shared their experiences in law school, […]

Feb 28

Mothra “Leaps of Faith”: A JETAANY Storytelling Event

On Saturday, February 23rd, JETAANY hosted its first Mothra storytelling event (inspired by The Moth Storytelling Hour) at Hostelling International of New York City. The theme for the inaugural event was “Leaps of Faith.” Hosted by Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, 1992-1994) and Kirsten Henning (Hyogo-ken, 1999-2002), they along with eight other JET alums gave a brief […]

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