Bhimani, Janak

JET Alum Stars in ‘Net Video Program

Summer 2006 Issue

by Clara Solomon (Tottori-ken)

Watch JETAA NY alum Janak Bhimani on his very own “vlogozine” online.

What Is Watch Me TV? JET alum Janak and Columbia grad student Scott Filipski act as your on-the-ground,
in the know guides to NY and the surrounding area. Each episode is a brief talk show focusing on one specific current event or hot trend. Janak and Scott also hit the streets to interview New Yorkers like us and bring the everyman’s perspective to their stories.  Like Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, only in Japanese, on the Web, and without all the make-up.

What do they talk about? Recent topics included the blackout in Queens, JonBenet Ramsey, and even the
“virtual windows” in Ralph Lauren’s store on Madison Avenue.

All this in Japanese? You bet. Janak and Scott even throw in catchy slang like “bochi bochi desu ne.”  But
don’t let your lack of Japanese language abilities stop you from watching this vlogozine – Janak and Scott
are plenty entertaining without understanding a word of what they say!

What better excuse to log on and brush up on your Nihongo?

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